Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm Still Alive!!

I'm just a lazy bum, and don't really have much interesting stuff to say!!

SOOooo today the countdown calendar on my pantry door tells me I'm 26 days out from comp. I remember when it was 50 days away....

26 sounds so scary!! Three weeks and five days sounds heaps longer. Kinda. This is where the headgames come to play, and that's been happening heaps, but I know that's all fairly normal. ;)

I'm really really looking forward to it though! I know I'll love my new 'kini which I should be getting soon :)

So I'm wondering who else is competing in the INBA Brissie Titles on 22nd May? Or who's going to watch?! I've been a bit hit and miss on the ol' blogging scene lately, but I'd still love to catch up with everyone again (whoever is going) and meet anyone I haven't. :)

I'm still considering doing the ANB comp the week after as well - I plan on staying down Brisbane/Gold Coast for a week or two after for some R 'n' R, so I'll def be there. One day I'm doing it, the next I'm not. I'll leave the final decision for a bit longer yet ;).

26 days to go, 26 days to go, hey ho the dairy-o, 26 days to go! EEEEEEEEEEEK!


linda said...

glad to see you are still in the land of the living!! I was beginning to wonder!. You will enjoy the next 26 scarey exciting days- I can hear it in your typing!! Can't wait to see your pics with all that bling!

Shaboom said...

Right back at you girl!! Great to see you blogging again too - lol. How exciting, not long to go. You are looking awesome and are right on target. Can't wait to cheer you on. xx

Cherub said...

Would love to be there, but can't! Look forward to seeing the pics though and hearing all about it.

You'll be great!

Chelle said...

I'll be in the crowd watching ya strutt your stuff on stage. All the best for the next 26 days!!!!

Hanni said...

Hey chickadee I will be there cheering you on would love to finally meet you! Best of luck for the rest of your comp prep : )

Vicki said...

God what planet have I been on? I didn't even know you were competing!! Terrible cyberfriend I am :(
All the best for the next few weeks babe. Wish I could be up there to cheer you on...maybe next time.

Leisl said...

All the best Selina I'll be there to cheer you on too and hopefully meet you :)

All the best for the next few weeks xo

SeLiNa said...

Linda - thanks :) I'm am very scary-excited!
Shan - I copy-catted u... if you can update, so should I!!
Claire - I're there will be many many pics again this year ;)
Chelle & Hanni - YAY!!!!! I get to meet you 2 sexi chick-a-dees!!
Vickster - course you not a bad cyber-friend. I never really 'announced' I was comping, just did my stuff... Would love to catch up with you in 'real' life again some day. For drinks. heehee
Liesl - Yay, another friend to meet!
Thanks everyone for the support :)

KRISTIN said...

hey chicky babe! i'm a bit absent from blogging too, but thought i'd pop on and check things out quick.

GOOD LUCK with your remaining prep, i can't wait to see you up there! i'll be in the crowd cherring you on and if we get to meet this time that would be great! go girl!

KRISTIN said...
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KRISTIN said...

i'll get it right yet... 'cheering' you on! lol!