Friday, April 02, 2010

Snap Decision

I tend to be really good at those. In some ways I procrastinate for weeks and put things off, but in others, if I make up my mind I DO IT! My mum has always said I'm stubborn with things like that - and it's usually 'big' decisions! Doing the Europe thing at 21 - decided 4 weeks before I was there; then deciding whilst in Venice to move overseas for a year to live/work; then while there deciding to ditch my 'career' from Legal firm to a PT............. gotta keep everyone guessing! Including myself! HA!

On a smaller scale, in December I woke up and decided it was time for a new car; within 4 days I'd paid a deposit. Earlier this week I decided my bedroom needed a change - why not paint it? Four days off - have to keep myself occupied somehow.

So I got the paint and I'm waiting for coat number one to dry! My landlords were fine with it (I would have done it regardless hahaaaa);)

I need to keep myself busy or I go insane. Living by myself has me like a caged animal at times, when I get visitors I pounce on them and can't shut up like a yappy little puppy!!! Plus, I need to keep my mind occupied so I don't fall into the old habits of trolling in the pantry and fridge.

So today being Good Friday it's all about fish! MMmmmm LOVE IT! Tuna and reef fish - yummo! I went into my work this morning to train as my usual gym is closed (as is everywhere in this ghost town!). Mini spring clean, painting, I'll head to Good Friday mass later on, after that more paint and cardio! That'll keep me occupied ;)

Hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable Easter weekend! Enjoy it with your special ones and EVERYTHING IN MODERATION ;)

Is it really worth it??!: ;)

Cadbury's Dairy Milk Easter Egg,

Calories in 100g of Dairy Milk Easter Egg

Calories: 525 cals
Carbohydrate: 56.8g
Protein: 7.5g
Fat: 30.0g
Fibre: 0.7g

(Taken from here)

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