Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chapter 3 - The Week Between

Also known as - the week from hell!!

I struggled so so soooo bad the week between comps. Although it WAS only a week, it felt like a lifetime - it was the toughest week of all my prep. Ever :) Sounds a bit dramatic doesn't it! I described it like I was a naughty kid who'd been given their Christmas gifts, then had them taken away the next day. I guess it was because I'd only set my goal for the 22nd May, although I was keen for the ANB comp, I was so focused on the first one, I couldn't look past date.

So to have my 'glory', then celebrate it at din-dins with friends, only to have to forget the excitement and buzz of the first comp and re-focus and go straight back into prep diet the next day, was a bit hard on the old head. I pulled the pin on the ANB comp about three times that week...

I had the bestest hosts in Lyndsay and her hubby and their gorgeous kids. They were so understanding (reminder to always stay with past competitors in final week prep!!) and patient and knew exactly what how I was feeling. We trained three days at Goodlife gym in the Valley. I love experiencing different gyms - it was MASSIVE (to me!). Shannon joined us on the Tuesday and we did our work-out together - seeing her put some spark back in my step. It was that day I was ready to pull the pin... seeing that she looked as crap as me, felt as crap as me and was speaking to Ferny on the phone who was feeling exactly the same sealed the deal for me. I was DEFINITELY NOT pulling the pin now! I wasn't the only one going through it - SUCK IT UP PRINCESS!! I was just the only one fighting it. No more being a brat - then and there I changed my attitooood.

Some Training Pics courtesy of Lyndsay

Thursday of that week, we decided to make a start on my routine. Yes, ooops, Little Miss Control Freak hadn't even started it. Lynds edited my music way back, it was time for us to put some moves to it. After many attempts, nearly a few tears (not a tantrum, just extreme frustration and tiredness!!) I GOT IT!!! Not a bad effort whipping one up two days before the event. Thank goodness for Lyndsay and Steven!

Friday was the day the tanning started all over again. Shannon joined us at lunchtime then we were on the road to the Goldie.

A huge hazard: two girls driving to the GC tired and hungry... ;)


Stephanie Davis said...

omg i love the training action shots, we should all take cameras to the gym more often heehee! good work on sticking it out between comps, i only had the moxy for one! :)xx

Charlotte Orr said...

Awesome pics!

Leanne said...

Awesome training pics!!! Glad to hear you are going well post comp xo

Shaboom said...

Arghhh, those pics bring back memories from that last week. lol Geez, check out my face in that pic!! ha ha ha
Soooo happy you stuck it out that last week, I know how hard it was for you. Keep up the posts, enjoy reading them. xx

amanda peters said...

You really are an inspiration Selina! Best of luck in your next comp. Sorry to admit, but always get a good giggle out of your posts ;)

amanda peters said...
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SeLiNa said...

Steph - too right!! Lyndsay's little IPhone worked a treat - I had no idea of the faces I pull when under pressure ;)
Thanks Charlotte!
And Leanne - I'm on a rollercoaster with the whole post-comp thang :)
And thanks for YOUR support Shazaaaaboooom in that final week, if you were't doing it, nor would I have been!!
Amanda - thanks! And I'm a dork deep so don't mind if you get a giggle ;)