Saturday, June 19, 2010

Chapter 2 - INBA Brisbane Titles - 22nd May 2010

I typed a quick post previously, but here's some pics and a bit more on my first comp this year.

I flew out on the Friday and I was sooo tired and soooo OVER IT and pretty muchly burst into tears at Brisbane airport when I was wasn't allowed to pick up my hire car. License expired early May. Ooops. I do remember that now... I was certain I renewed by mail but as I had no proof, of course I was denied access to a car. Turns out I never did renew - blaming final month comp brain for that one. So I was an unlicenced driver for the month... oooopsy.

Finally got it sorted and perfect timing that Lyndsay called me amidst my upseted-ness (new word) so that got me focused and excited again. That and running my hands down my flat and rock-hard day-before-comp-belly to feel my abs. Funny how that makes everything better. LOL! ;) Haha - hey if you only get them for a few days a year, gotta make the most of them!! Did my groceries and registered and we were rocking. Lyndsay and Shannon came to my motel and helped me tan and we practised posing...

Me in my orange body-suit and Shannon at one week out...

Next day was hair appointment and all the fiddly stuff before arriving at Chandler. I had a little entourage so really wanted to do them proud!

Getting ready back stage - how beautiful is the costume Jo designed!!

First 'appearance' on the day was the new Figure International Category. This one is judged on Symmetry round only. Being a new division, no one really knew what to expect, but the promoter told me the more muscular Open division girls probably won't compete as the look will be a bit softer and therefore if I came in really hard (I didn't) not to tense toooo much, try to keep relaxed. I was keen to give it a go; having done all the hard work, why not celebrate it twice over!

As it was such a big line up we were split into Tall and Short. No surprises that I was in short. 6 girls were called from my line-up for comparisons with three going through to the "final".

Pic below is me in the middle with two of the gals from my line-up who made it to the final six. I promise I'm doing the "tits-and-ass" thing, but I just don't have a bendy back!! I want (and NEED!) a bendy back to look better - like those two!!!!!!!!!! I had no call-outs, no further comparsions. No probs.

All the girls looked really good. The winner of Figure International was the girl who also won Figure Open. Second place went to the girl who came second in Figure Open, and third place went to the girl who won Figure Intermediate (the girl in purple above).

After that division, I got to watch 30mins of the show before heading backstage to start all over again!

Me and my entourage (I love saying that, makes me feel cool! haha)

Practising and pumping up backstage.

Blue Jelly Snake... MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm

Time for what I was really there for - Figure Intermediate! Seven goooood chickies in the line-up. I'm third from the right in the pic below. Where's that bendy back?!?! ;) We did our symmetry rounds were then shuffled around. Myself and the girl in the middle beside me were put to the left hand side of the stage and not looked at again. (I'm not saying that in a spoilt-sport way, just saying how it was :) ) Everyone was called-out and compared except for us two. I'm used to being the call-out queen so that was a bit hard to take! ;) (Edit: upon re-reading that line I don't want that taken the wrong way. By call-out queen I mean that in my past 2 comps I was worked to the bone with comparisons. The DVD sees me panting and huffing and puffing - it's hard work! :) ). I'm not at all sour, I believe the girls who won deserved to; I was just disappointed in having worked SO damn hard and I did all they wanted me too (leaner and more balanced) only to not even be glanced at twice from the moment I walked on stage- it's like I just never caught their eye. It's hard to keep smiling and posing when you see the head judge point to you, tell you to be moved to the side and shake his head saying "nah". I'm going to ask for feedback as to what was the reason that I wasn't even a consideration from the first minute. I can only grow and get better from that feedback!

Winner was girl in purple on right, second was Kylie in blue and third was girl second from right in dark brown. The standard was pretty damn good!

Back View

Onstage pose-down pic from Professional Photographer.

This is where the fun began - running rank with the backstage goodies!!!

After the show a group of us went to Groove Train for tea. Soooo good, but I felt a lil bit off. Poor body didn't know what was going into it! I was on such a high - regardless of placings etc, shows are such a buzz and you're pumped all night. Needless to say - I didn't sleep!!

Had a YUMMO breakfast the next day then I was dropped to Lyndsay's house to stay for the week before the next comp - ANB Asia Pacifics!


Leanne said...

Hey!! Great piccies & recap of your comp journey, hope all is going well for you!! x

RaeC said...

Ooh la la!! Someone's growing a nice pair of delts!! Looking great honey x

RaeC said...
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SeLiNa said...

Hey Leanne - thanks for that :) I'm going great now!! The head games are O-V-E-R!

Thanks Miss Rae - that was my focus - to grow those little babies. Thanks for commenting, I'm happy you noticed!! :)