Saturday, February 09, 2008

I have the bestest boy in the world!!

My poor boy had to travel out west for work on Thursday night, after he finished his day in the office. He had to cover for a superviser out there - he usually works in town. The job was only supposed to be for Friday, but 4.30pm Friday afternoon he called me with the bad news, because of the rain, the job was held up and he had to work Saturday as well. He was able to stay out there, at their expense overnight, but he said he missed me too much and would drive home to see me. As much as I wanted him too, I knew he would be exhausted from the long day. But he did it anyway :) 14 hours after starting work, he was home.

Poor boy was up at 5am with me - which is normally unheard of! - this morning and had to drive all the way back there. Fingers crossed the job should be finished and he'll be home safe and sound again tonight.

I can guarantee we're gonna be party poopers tonight! He'll be exhausted, and I'm failing slowly! LoL. I did a 11km run this morning, had breakfast and was straight to the pool when it opened at 8am to swim a kilometre. This triathlon training will be the death of me! However, I think it was the 4 hours of browsing through the shops that has really worn me out... ;)

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Hilary said...

Nawwww, what a sweetie!! Hope you had a nice quiet night, sometimes its just what you need.

All that training sounds exhausting!

Hilary xx