Monday, February 11, 2008

To Flip or Not to Flip

That is the question!
I just found out that the triathlon I'm entering, does allow the use of flippers. It is a "come and tri"so they're encouraging people of all abilities to give it a go.
I'm a hopeless swimmer but I've been training pretty hard to just survive the swim and for bonus points - I'm actually starting to enjoy swimming (shhh don't tell anyone!).
Knowing I can comfortably swim the distance in flippers is very tempting.... think how much further up in the field I'd exit the pool...
BUT on the other hand, I'd feel like I cheated somehow, although they're legal. I'd rather come bottom field having given my best with no aids, than do a better time and come higher in the field having used something to assist me.
Considering the struggles I have with swimming, doing it all of my own self will be a much bigger accomplishment me thinks!!
I think I've just answered my own question! :)

1 comment:

linda said...

flippers are the best invention EVER!!!