Friday, February 08, 2008

OK , Let me Rephrase That...

Man did my last post come out wrong. And thanks Kek for your comment... you know how to make a girl feel like a doofus! ;)

I'm trying to get my BF% down is what I meant. I'm not a scales nut, I jump when I remember... hence jumping on yesterday - I mean, who checks in on a Thursday?! HA! As I have a lil muffin top, along with a little jiggly belly, my goal is to reduce body fat and get everything tightened again. And weighing what I did, that's more than likely going to knock me down into the 40s... :) That's what I was trying to say :) This pic is from when I did my first 12 week program, this was weighing in at 46kgs. Yes I had been on a depletion week, but was holding steady around 48kgs for a few weeks prior.

So that's where I plucked the 40s from. But what I really want is to get rid of the wobblies whilst continuing to build strong musckles, whether the scales see it or not! ;)
Right, I'm glad I cleared that up! ;)

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Kek said...

LOL. Well, I knew you hadn't really gorn nuts. Just wanted to remind you that you're gorgeous, teensy muffin-top and all!