Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Getting Olympified

Not long to go now!!! I'm such an Olympic Games nerd, any games nerd for that matter :) As a 10 year old I collected every single clipping from the 1990 Commonwealth Games in Auckland and that's when the addiction started. ;) My adolescent crushes were on sports stars not movie stars (oh, except for that one lad named Brad Pitt) :P

At work, we're getting everyone fired up to "Embrace Your Inner Athlete" - all our motivational posters are up in Green and Gold with quotes from athletes and generally any success quotes. We've set up an optional Olympic Event - a fun cardio-based session racing the clock. Clients are able to do it as many times as they want and beat their previous time within the 8-24th August. The three trainers are yet to set the standard (ah-hem) and do our time-trial... maybe tomorrow?! ;) We've also set additional weekly challenges for the clients to do at home - nothing like a change of focus to bring out the competitive streak in everyone!

Last Olympics in 2004 I had just started working again after living overseas and travelling for a year. I was an employee and the business was new therefore slow as it was still building. I did my few clients a day and was glued to the TV the rest of the day. And night. This time round, yea right :P So instead, I'm bringing the TV into work! ;) Hey, the clients would like to know what's going on too!!!

Seeing all those fit, athletic bods only fires me up to train harder!! I'm quite certain I'll be getting very little sleep! ;)

Personally, I reckon the two weeks should be a Public Holiday :)


Kek said...

But at least you're a CUTE nerd!


NO SKIMPING ON SLEEP!!! (doing my mother hen thing here)

gypsy77 said...

I agree, there should be holidays!!

I remember the 2004 Olympics when I had a 6mth old baby. Being stuck inside cause of the Melbourne winter, the tele was always on. I was so inspired by all those fit, determined athletes...I just love the athletics, that was when I started running!!

Wow, I've been running for almost 4 years now!! Who would've thought!