Saturday, August 02, 2008

18 Before Breakfast!

I fought with myself all day yesterday as to whether I was going to get out of bed at 4.45am to go for a run. It's been effing freezing here the last few mornings (yes Kek - FREEZING! Single digits even!!) ;) but I knew if I didn't do the run with the usual gang, I'd probably not go at all.

My mind was made up though about 6.00pm when my boy called and said he was heading out for drinks. Last Monday evening, one of his friends from work was killed in a car accident - 19 years old with the world at his feet. Was a very sad event, and so unfortunate - he was the passenger in the back left hand side of the car and killed instantly. The other three young lads walked away without a scratch. It was a sombre week, as in a smaller town someone is linked to him, his family or his mates who were in the car. So the funeral was yesterday and the boys kept going till late in the night. (anyway I got off track there...). Oh yea, because he was out he asked for a lift home, but I hate doing it at the best of times, let alone in the freeeezing weather, so I said no, I had to get up early for a run. ;)

So that sealed the deal, I had to run this morning to get out of the pick-up!! I had no idea what distance or length of time was on the agenda, but 18kms later we were finished.

We're smart now, and start in the City Heart (so are lucky enought to witness the sorry state of the stragglers still out from the nite before!), and when we're finished the coffee shops are just starting to open up.... ah ha! Smart thinking huh ;)

Enjoyed a nice filling pancake breakfast when I got home. It went down soooo good :)

Gotta run, I'm catching up with a friend tonite who's in town for the weekend :) Yeeeha, I get to dress up and pretend I have a social life! :)

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linda said...

You are such a good dedicated girl!!!