Thursday, August 14, 2008

Locals Doing us Proud :)

Ooooh how I love the Olympics!! My favouritestestest event ever is the swimming, (yea work that out, I can't swim to save myself but love to watch!) so I've been having a great week this week and as expected, not quite enough sleep. I've teared up over every gold medal the gals have won. I can feel their pride. I'm sad huh :)

I've also developed a very adolescent-type crush on Eamon Sullivan. He's always been nice to look at, but there's just something else about him that gets my ticker going. LoL ;)

Great day today - local gal Linda Mackenzie won a gold medal in her final Olympics in the 4x200m relay!! Her bro is good mates with my sis, so we've met at parties and stuff. Being a swimmer-stalker-fan, that's exciting for me! ;) The paper will go rank tomorrow, and so it should. She's been a quiet achiever in the Aussie team for a long time now!

Nick Ffrost, another local, will be bringing home a bronze from the men's 4x200m relay. Can't say I've met him... yet ;P

Then we've got Benita Johnson in the marathon on Sunday, that will be an event worth watching. Another claim to fame - I used to work with her brother! LOL!! Of course this isn't a small town :)

Then there's a boy in the hockey team who I went to school with - not that he'd know me from a bar... :)

I'm so inspired by all the results, just being there; to achieving a PB is a massive thing, and to do it on the greatest stage - just imagine how good that must feel!! Winning something to wear on your neck must be unbelievable!!

So on that note, I'm gonna go dream about it, coz that's the closest I'll ever get :)


Amy said...

Hey Seleina! Have not heard from you for a little bit and just wondering how your are. Hope everything is well.


Hilary said...

Hello love, long time no post! Hope everything is ok!

Hilary xx