Saturday, September 20, 2008

Why Hello There

I can't believe it's been so long. My longest break ever in my blogging career. I'm alive, I'm not in a sugar-induced coma, I'm all good!

I've been F-L-A-T out - but who isn't busy these days. At the end of the day after everything else, sitting at the computer for more waffling isn't very appealing! So I've been training, training, training and eating GOOD! I feel awesome :)

Training stuff
I'm in love with weight training again; the two of us have always had a love-hate relationship. My shoulder is improving I think - I'm not allowed to train without having it strapped, but this week my 2 strappers were out of town - how inconsiderate - and I wasn't skipping training for that minor problem, so I went naked. And it felt OK :) I'm getting and feeling strong!

I've been doing some awesome evil little cardio sessions too - I'm in love with my Spin Bike, and of course still loving my once-a-week hit of RPM. Nothing like "Psycho Bike", "Evil Knieval" and "Le Tour De Liz" named workouts to get me all excited about training.

Run stuff
Season is almost over, and all the Club Championship races are over now. Phew!

24th August - 3km Club Championship Run - 13.39. Bit disappointed as my last time trial was 13.20, and all by myself! I thought in a race I would have gone better, but it just didn't feel 'right' on the day. It was my second fastest time though so gotta be happy with that! Liz planted the seed of a 12.45 3km, so you can guess what my future goal is now! ;)

7th September - Magic Mile (1.6km) Club Championship race - 6.39. Stoked with that, as that got me third place in female division! Yeeha!! The place-getters photo was in 2 newspapers that week, so I had clients asking if I could sign their shirts ;) LoL

Other stuff
My best friend came up from the Gold Coast a few weeks ago and we had good time catching up. We made the newspaper in the Social (ie party!) Section, which was the week prior to the run picture, so I've been scattered all over the newspaper lately!

Another best friend had her third bubby - a little boy about 4 weeks ago. Our lives are worlds apart! :)

Like a few other blogger buddies, I've been having a bit of a rough time balancing everything lately... I know I'm not coping when my staff innoncently comment "Gee you've been cranky the last few weeks". I don't mean to be Miss Bitchy Pants! I only did a half day Monday by rescheduling all my evening appointments, I just needed a break. Half a day off was only a band-aid though. Got some thinking and re-structuring to do. :) I can't complain that I'm busy though - I stress when things are slow, I stress when things are crazy-busy!

I re-joined my old gym last week which was the best thing I could have done for my body and head! Between working and training, I was in the studio 9-13hours every day -although I worked as hard as I could, my head wasn't fully in it - the phone would be ringing, staff going in and out. I find at the gym I just zone out and all the time is mine. And I just tend to go harder. Little Miss Show-Off coming out to play maybe?

That's it in a nutshell! I've seen everyone's getting those fancy-schmancy blog applications... might have to have a looksy at that! :)

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Kek said...

Well if I hadn't already caught you on the phone, I'd have been leaving you little "where are you?" messages here....

Nice work on the running!

Wish you could be here for the comp. *pouts* But I understand, really I do. *pouts some more*