Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Drugs are Good! :)

I'm no longer swollen, fiercly dotty or crazily itchy; I'm now a subtler shade of red and the itching is controllable, except for 3am-ish, of course. So smarty pants thought she should do some training. Err, not a good idea. I looked like a monkey with fleas. So that's what the doctor meant when she said "Don't get too hot or sweaty". Right, got it. Now.

My wonderful boy commented when I was at my worst; that as my face was so swollen, it looked like it did in the photo from when I came home from my round-the-world overseas trip in 2003. I had to think what photo he meant, as we weren't together back then...

Yaaha.. that's me. A very many few kgs heavier. The shirt says it all... "Party All Day" and that's why I came back looking like that!!

The pic's taken in Bali, in front of the rice patties. It's a great pic, except for the girl in the way ;)

But hey, look, I HAD BOOBIES!!!!!!!!


Kek said...

You had MASSIVE boobies! LMAO.... I'm used to you being all tiny....

Glad the drugs are helping. NO TRAINING!

Splice said...

Good to see your getting better Selina :-)
You did have some great boobs didn't you lol.