Friday, August 08, 2008

Why thank you... NOT!

I had a trip to the physio on Wednesday which was an experience. I got my shoulder seen to by the only health professional who hasn't had a look, feel, squeeze and guess. After having the general chit chat "So what do you do? Ohhh, so where do you do that" rah rah rah and going through my history "Are you of good health", err, well I bloody should be, we got to the fun stuff.

I had to strip my shirt off (thank god I wore a padded LJ crop top - for concealing everything people, not for other reasons). It was a little uncomfortable I guess standing there half naked while I was eyed up and down "turn this way, now the other way, lift you arm up etc etc etc ". (On that note - thank god for having done 4 IPL sessions, I only need to shave 1-2 times every 6 weeks and no, I hadn't thought to before the appointment!!)

So he asked what weight I'm lifting for shoulders. I jumped in first and said,
"well not much because I'm not sure what's going on with it", like I had to justify myself or something. But I didn't, so I don't know why I did.
He replied "yea, that's not much". Compliment number #1.

Then while playing and poking my arms, he goes,
"you've got really small arms for someone who trains a lot". Hmmm me not getting happy now. "That's because I'm so inconsistent with this stupid injury". Justification #2 that wasn't required. And not quite true... I think I train hard and quite regularly considering; and I thought my arms were looking OK thank you. Definitely not skinny :P I nearly said yea, but you should see my legs buster ;)

Then he's playing with the arm again and goes "Nice ring". I'm like huh? I didn't have any rings on and he saw me look at my fingers and says... "nooo you're belly ring thing"
Get your eyes off my belly and onto my shoulder!!!!!!
Couldn't wait to get my shirt back on! LOL.

Anyway the outcome was all good. He gave me what he thought was the issue and taped me up to see how things are affected. I feel real tough like a footy player now with my shoulder all strapped :P I have to go back on Tuesday for a re-strapping and more poking and prodding, but the good thing is he wants me to continue as normal, and wants me to do weight training to see how the strapping affects things.

Works for me!!

Except on Tuesday I think I'll wear a singlet top that I won't need to strip off :P

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Kek said...

I've been caught out many times by not thinking about what I'm wearing before heading off to a medical appointment!

You'd think I'd learn....

Hope the strapping helps!