Thursday, July 31, 2008

Knieval IS Evil

You know you're gonna be in biiig trouble when on the training menu is:

Evil Knieval Workout
I had to plan my day to get to the gym when I knew it would be quiet. I needed the tready, then some floor space, then back on the tready, and to repeat that a few times. The gym I sometimes visit has limited cardio equipment - two good treadys, 2 of those old wind up thingys. On Saturday mornings, you gotta line up 15mins before opening and run to the cardio equipment like boxing day sales, or you miss out. There's this evil gang of grannies who gang up on the youngies and put their towel on to save it for their friend. If you ask kindly if you can get on "no, that's for Evelyn" quite huffedly! 20 mins later... well I could've done my workout.... Anyway going off track there, in peak hour if I jumped off my machine, I'd never get it back, so I went at 2pm.

Only one more-mature lady was on a good tready (and she was a nice one! lol) so I snatched the other. Did my thang on it then got my floor space, and said to the nice lady, and another older gent who had grabbed a different machine behind me, "You'll have to excuse me if I start to make noises, I'm trying some new exercises".

I think I frightened them. ;) The man left not long after I was back on the tready and kept sneaking looks at me - I'm sure it was to make sure I hadn't passed out :P

A few others came and went throughout the period of time I was running and jumping and stumbling around. I kept 'feeling' attempted-discreet looks... whether it was what on earth is she doing or gee she's making a lot of noise or why would you push yourself that hard or IS SHE INSANE, while they continued with the same-pace-for-four-hours-coz-we're-too-posh-to-break-a-sweat type workout.

To cut a long story short coz I've gotta go to bed ;), The Evil Knieval Workout IS evil, and I can't wait to do it again!!!

I'll let you know tomorrow if my legs work :)


Kek said...

Ha! I did that one on Monday...and I got the weird looks too. Not that it bothers me, I'm kind of used to it now and I'm disappointed if I DON'T get the looks. Makes me feel like I must not be trying hard enough.

The leg DOMS were pretty bad on Tuesday, but I think my legs are getting used to this stuff, because it only lasted a day.

Evil, alright. On the plus side, now you get to inflict it on your clients. :o)

Doris's New Beginning! said...

As much as it sounds like a lot of pain, it also sounds inviting!!! LOL. Who'd of thunk???


gypsy77 said...

I wanna know what you did!! I love full on workouts like that.

Please tell!