Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Definition of Driving Me Insane...

Check email early morning at work.
See new email has arrived with program attached.
Client walks in door, no time to open the attachment. ARGH!!
It had to sit there, unread, for FOUR hours as clients were back to back.
I could hardly contain myself.
For an impatient girl and one that gets excited at any non-junk email, let alone a NEW program, that was pure torture!!

Been crazy busy this week, to the point that something happened that I thought was impossible. I forgot to eat. Miss Piggy here who eats everything, forgot to eat. Then when I did remember, I was too busy to make the effort to put it in the microwave. It was a belated lunch, but better late than never :P

The poor bod is screaming this week. Different leg session on Monday then a home spin session; Tuesday was new upper body program - OUCH - and an run training session with faster efforts - not good on legs that won't work.

Today was an 'easy' day - only RPM. They did an old release, and it was FUUUUN!! Being only a return-RPMer for the past 4ish months, I like hearing all the older songs, as I know the lastest ones off by heart. Nerd I am.

That's my week in a big nutshell. Tomorrow I'm getting smashed with work, then racing off for IPL session number 4. I lurve getting my hair zapped, it's nearly all gone!!! :)

A huge congrats to all the competitors from the All Females on the weekend! I've had a stick-beak at some pics, no chance to congratulate you all though :)


Kek said...

Ooh - IPL, I'd love to do that. Waxing is such a pain.... in more ways than one. LOL.

Know what you mean about new program excitement. Except sometimes after I read it, I want to close the document and pretend I never saw it.

Kidding.... :o)

Kristy said...

I know exactly what you mean. I love getting a new program and checking it out...Although I also agree with Kek, sometimes they've looked very overwhelming!

My body during after tonights run felt pretty good overall and no dodgy knee thing. Sunday will be the test as I have a 2hr 20min run...It should be fun and probably a sleep afterwards lol especially if I get up early to run, which I prefer getting up around 6am...

Gillian said...

Wow, where do you get the energy to do all that plus work!! I was wondering if I could get your email address as I'd like to discuss a couple of things with you? Well done on the run by the way, I thought you had a look of determination on your face:) I looked for you and Kristy but it was impossible with all those people.