Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Could be the New Nike Model

For the 'Run Yourself Ugly' Campaign...
Check out these pics of me in my glory finally sighting and stumbling over the finish line last weekend.

Pics courtesy of

The starting field... I'm the black dot in there!

I must be flying, look at the hair bouncing around. HA!
The serious face. Hey look at all those men I'm beating!!! ;)
One word - UGLY ;P LOL
Now I'd love a souvenir, but do I really want to purchase pics looking like that!?!? hehe


Ronnie said...

The thing is Selina, how is a race pic supposed to look?

To me you look focused. You look like you have a plan and are sticking to it. I'd choose the one that showed how many people you were in front of. :)>

Kristy said...

I like your photo's (I'd actually sneaked a glance of your when they first came online :P), but yes I am stuck in the same boat. I would love to buy a photo for my first half marathon, but they look so bad :( Why don't they have the camera guy at the beginning where I am feeling and looking fresh and happy????

btw Selina so you think you will go with Pat when you are ready to start your training for your first Marathon or will you try it alone?


SeLiNa said...

Yea Ronnie, I know... a race pic after 21.190kms isn't gonna look pretty :P I'm just being a little vain! ;) As for looking focused, oh my god yes I was, that's more my look of "I'm about to Spew". Would u believe that as soon as I'd crossed that line, I did collapse. The LA built up so bad with my final sprint, I couldn't go one step further ;)

Kristy - u sneaky one you :P But LOL I've done the same thing!! hee hee. And I've already responded to your other question on your blog :)

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Sue Heintze said...

Yay!!! Good on you, great to see the pics! I can't imagine anyone looking too gorgeous after running that bloody far!