Tuesday, July 22, 2008


That's today. I feel BLAH, and have the mojo levels and care-factor of a dead fly. I'm blaming the weather - it's raining. I'm really tired too, but that's not the rain's fault. And by typing away here I'm procrastinating... there is much weight training to be done, not alot of mojo to do it with.

For the first weekend in a while I got one to myself. Didn't have to work on Sunday as I have been and I wasn't out of town. I could do nothing if I pleased. I sacrificed going to the 'big' social event of the year (well, you'd think. Remember, small town - not a lot to do!). The annual Wine and Food Fest. Every Bob, Sally and Joe went - except my sis and I - we did the visiting thing. I knew if I did go I'd eat too much and end up pissed. Not the ideal prep for a 16km Club Championship Race at 6.30am the next moring...

I was up at 4.45am on Sunday, do the ritual and head to the other side of town for the run. I did OK :) 1.24.11. I had no reason to feel sluggish; I'd rested up well. Felt OK in the beginning of the run but it got tougher after that. I lost sight of the people I train with at about 5kms, not sure what they had for breakfast! My 10km split was 51.34... to give you an idea, the 10km mark in the Gold Coast half was 50.40. So I was struggling a bit. I got caught and overtaken by a few people at 10kms, I was frustrated with me at first, but then not concerned. I decided I wanted to finish the race and not be ratsh!t for the rest of the day... by pushing it I wasn't going to gain any ground, or change my position - overall or in my age group.

Last time I did the exact same course in 2006, my time was 1.29.55. Beat it :P Was still slower than the 16km mark in the GC half, but hey, I'm still recovering from that ;P.

I'm definitely feeling like I'm on the down-side of my huge peak I had earlier in the year. Everyone else in the club is getting faster in comparison to earlier in the year; whereas I'm slowing down. But that's cool, there's only a few months left and I've achieved all I've wanted to - more than I really believed I could, so I can't ask for more than that.

All that's left for 'important' races is a 3km and 1.6km bolt. I would like to shake my 3km PB around. CAN I?? Continual And Never-ending Improvement is all I can ask for ;)

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