Thursday, July 10, 2008

So What's Next??

With my Finisher's Medal - and see, it's Gold!! If I only turned it round a bit better...

For a long time now I've been focused on this up-coming run, or that up-coming run, that I was looking forward to the day that I didn't have to worry so much about "what's next". I still have 3 months left in my local competitive run season, and only 3 Club Championship Races - which are the important ones people - the runs I can win points towards a coveted trophy!! (Not that I'm hungry for a trophy or anything) ;)

Now that the big one - the Gold Coast half - is all over, I was expecting to sigh in relief, but quite the opposite - I want another "what's next?"!! I guess I've become so used to having a big goal, that the smaller ones coming up don't seem as important.

So, this is my plan...

I'll continue on with my running coach till my training with him is due for renewal, which is end of the season. Since November last year in my off-season, I was doing what the other club runners have called my 'secret training' - because with the runs and times I was pumping out, no one - except for me of course - knew where they come from!! Those days and weeks of training till I almost passed out around the back streets and cane paddocks really did pay off. After a few years of no real gains, he finally helped me to some break-through performances. I've re-written most of my PBs and I know I can continue to get better!!! From September to December I'll recycle and re-jig the training plans he gave me last year, and see how I do 'going it alone'. January will start the serious training again - getting ready for the BIG one - my first marathon!!

On the flip side - now that all my long runs are out of the way, I'm excited to focus again on gaining some more muscle! For the past month I've had expert advice in assisting me with that, and keeping my food on track, without hindering my running performances. Yes, unfortunately I do want it all - run speed, endurance, muscle, to look hot! - even though it may not be complimentary! If anyone can help me in that direction it's Liz :) We're going to be focusing more on doing the short, sharp stuff and gaining more speed - just in time for the 3km and 1.6km races! Watch me as I try to defy science and gain muscle, burn fat as well as run lots! LoL. Of course nothing is simple with me... I do do my best to be a pain in the butt!

I must admit I'm very excited to try some of the sessions that are in store. Bet you I'll be taking that line back very quickly!!

So there, that's what's on my agenda. I have a plan, I have a goal, I have my "What's Next!!".


Kek said...

You really do want it all! And why shouldn't you? LOL.

Liz will sort you out - you'll LOVE the training. You know you enjoy a good thrashing!

Lyndsay said...

Damn it - I don't think my comment published. Stoopid smelly internet cafe!

I forgot to bring your email addy with me. I owe you a biggy.

A HUAGE CONGRATS for last weekend girl!! You ROCK!!

Thinking of you, talk soon!