Sunday, July 27, 2008

Body De-Clutter

Keeping in theme with the previous post...

I almost piked my 10km run this arvo. But there was no excuse. Is there ever? I always know how good I'll feel after, once the urge to throw up is gone. This wasn't an important run or anything, but I just don't know how to go easy when there's others racing too, it just drives me to push harder and hit the vomit zone.

We had an 'incentive'. The race was sponsored so the first 10 across the line (handicapped start) won $25 each. Well didn't that bring out the competitive streaks in some! A few PBs were broken today. It was quite funny! :P

I came in 7th (yay, I got $25!!) in a time I was pleased with - 48.53. Only a minute off my best ever, actually I think today's time is my second best then?! Gotta be happy with that :)

Felt good to blow out some steam, get some sugar out of the body... didn't make some wise choices today, moving on though... (if I put it in small writing, maybe no one will be able to read that part) de-clutter the system...

Mission accomplished.

My goal this week is to eat exactly as specified, none of 'just a bit of this or that' and fit in every training session as specified. Even if I'm be Queen Bitch by the end of the week. Maybe Rob will end up in tears this time ;P


Andj and M said...

Hi Selina,
I completely understand how you were feeling re: the clutter and it all becoming just too overwhelming. I have been there before. I usually do exactly what you did and just have a massive clean out of one part of life and it make it so much easier to figure out the rest.
That was an amazing time for a 10km - I think I might focus on 10km a bit next year - that and another half PB. I think I am going to enlist the coach or at least a coach.
5 days until the big reveal. cross your fingers for me that it is all good!

Gillian said...

Well done Selina, what an excellent time!! To do it in the afternoon as well is great. I always find it difficult to run then. You have had an excellent season with your running and fitness.

Sue Heintze said...

Selina, sounds like you need a good few days OFF to recharge!! You can't keep running yourself ragged without it affecting your health (and running times?). Do I sound like your mother? :))

Your stories are always amusing :)


Kek said...

I know I left a comment already... stoopid Blogger!

Anyways, ((hug))