Wednesday, July 23, 2008


After the blah-ness of yesterday I'm feeling really good today :) Sometimes I do wonder if I have a split personality disorder :P

Trained upper body today, after it finally recovered from last Friday's smashing. I don't know what I did different but I was so sore I couldn't do anything without severe pain! I did train at the gym though - as opposed to by myself in the studio - so I subconsciously must have went harder with other people around... I was feeling like the cat that caught the pigeon when 2 different men asked me "what's that exercise, and what's that working". I should have had Liz's business card there... ;) Or just subtly handed them mine :P Next time I go, betchya the whole gym is doing that exercise... HA!!!j/k ;)

I missed RPM today - how devastating :( The only day a week I can usually make it. My chiro appt went late; if I broke all the road rules I would have got there in time, but with the rain and roadworks (of course, all at the same time) traffic was crawling. It took 15mins to get 1km. I should have just ran :P

On that note, good quote...

"You have to forget your last Marathon before you try another.
Your mind can't know what's coming."
Frank Shorter


Kristy said...

I love that quote Selina... So true!

Gillian said...

It's a bit like having a baby!! You really need to forget the pain of the last labour before you go back for more!!!!
Glad you are feeling better today:)

Kek said...

Ha! I was going to say that quote reminded me of giving birth... so instead, I'll say it's a bit like Phat Camp.


Kek said...

Oh...and my sister in law has her RPM instructors qual now, and she's picked up a 6:00am class not far from me, starting soon.

I really have no excuse now, do I?

linda said...

What I want to know is 'why don't we ever remember that good days usually follow the bad ones?'

Jehanne said...

hi ya, yeh I remember you! Been checking up on you whilst I have been away ;)! Love the quote... lol