Thursday, July 03, 2008

I Made it!!

11 straight days of work, the shortest being on the weekend - 2 eight and a half hour days :) I'm OVER IT it is an understatement ;) Very tired, mentally and bodily :) Training has sucked a bit lately, but I'll just say I'm doing a maaajor taper before the half on Sunday :)

So Lyndsay and I caught up last Thursday on her way thru town to Cairns. I'll steal the pic from her blog that we took in my studio- she's looking G-R-E-A-T, and I'm in my uniform, looking... short.

Friday I did my last long run of one and a half hours. I felt like death warmed up after it. One of my trainers ended up in hospital really really sick last Thursday so I prayed I didn't have what he's got. So we were one man down staff-wise which threw a spanner in, but at least he's OK now.

Monday - my new spin bike arrived!! Sooo excited, but haven't yet had a ride on it :( Got to put it together first :)

I did RPM on Wednesday and it just didn't feel good. I had to stop coz I thought I was going to fall off the bike... ;) Got a bit dizzy and hot and cold flushes, but I'm putting it down to no cardio since the afore mentioned death run last Friday! What won't kill me will only make me stronger right ;)

Today well, was today. I was the only human in QLD to not watch the footy last nite. Hey this grandma needs sleep! However the obsanities and cheers from the neighbours told me what was going on... *sigh*. My first 2 clients starting from 5.30am this morning crawled in and said "You're so lucky I'm here", being my cheery self at that time of the morning, I grumbled back "No buddy, you're lucky you're here" LoL. He knows how much trouble he's in next session to stand me up at that time of the morning!

And today my other staff member has the vomitting, so we're man down again. So along with end of financial year reports and getting the group certificates out etc etc etc it's been a crazy two weeks, but I'm alive.

Went for a run this afternoon, first one since the again mentioned death run from last Friday, to blow the cobwebs out and I felt really good. Hope my legs feel like that on Sunday! One more slooow jog in the morning then that's it. I'm setting no goals this time, just to enjoy the day and the atmosphere! I'm catching up with Kristy on Saturday so that will be nice!

YAY! I get to go on an airplane tomorrow!!!!!! I'll be back next week with results!

And while the camera's out, here's a pic from 2 weeks ago when OH and I did our road trip up to Airlie Beach for the day on our Show Holiday. How nice does that look!!! (the water, not the boy) ;)


Kek said...

Well, the boy looks pretty nice too.... :o)

Hope you have a really enjoyable run. No getting sick!!

SeLiNa said...

LoL Kek - do the words enjoyable and run go together?!
And that was quick, I left my puter for 2 mins and you visited me :) Thanks for your wishes!

Kristy said...

Great weather up here Selina. I look forward to catching upwith you on Saturday. Have a great flight tomorrow :)

Amy said...

All the best for the half. You have been one busy girl. I hope everything slows done a tad for you so you can get your breath back!


Hilary said...

Good luck for the race on Sunday Selina!

Hope the rain stops in time!

Hilary xx

RaeC said...

Good luck with the marathon sweetheart... hope you set a blistering pace!! xxx