Wednesday, June 25, 2008


But what's new! I'm working every day until I'm on that plane for the GC half. EEeek, it's come so fast and my preps been very disjointed the last month or so. Hope I've done enough ground work earlier in the year to hold me over :)

I'm sacrificing my whole weekend to work at a health expo being held here. 9am - 5pm both Saturday and Sunday, so I'm reshuffling all my training as I won't get my long Saturday morning run in, and will be pushing it to get to the Sunday arvo one. If things have wound down, I'm packing up early and getting outta there. I won't accept my training plan being disrupted into the last week! ;)

I've got sore sore sore hammys from leg training on Monday, and my bad shoulder isn't behaving after upper training yesterday and all the computer work I've been doing. I was booked in for a massage yesterday but had to cancel - in advance of course ;) - coz I was snowed under but she did the guilt trip on me "you need to look after your body you know, you have to make you a priority" so she convinced me to re-book for today. So I did. Then went straight to the beach for sprints near her house and I discovered some stairs I'd heard about but had no idea where they were. Or how many there were. So after already having sore legs, being pummelled at massage, then beach sprints, what better idea than to run stairs! It was better not knowing how many, as I just kept running till the top. 102. So I went back down and repeated that 2 more times. I couldn't even hold my right leg straight to stretch it, it was shaking so bad. It was not alot of fun pushing the clutch in all the way home, in peak hour traffic. It kept quivering and I could do nothing to make it stop! It's in shock ;)

Tomorrow's crazy busy as well, and Lyndsay is on her way through here, so we're catching up around lunch time!! YAY! She wants to check out where I get to 'play' all day ;) It will be good to see her again as god knows how long it will be till next time :)

Best be off, I'm in the middle of a really good book, which is the worstestest thing I could do when I really need quality sleep. I have a problem putting down a good book, although my eyes are drooping and its only 6 hours till my alarm goes off. I should have it finished tonite though, and that problem is solved! ;)


Hilary said...

Wow those stairs sound awesome! Peak hour traffic with a manual car and sore legs sounds like hell - I'm glad I've switched to an automatic!

Hilary xx

Gillian said...

Hi Selina,

I am an old IBO client of Sue's and will be competing in the half next weekend as well. Just wanted to wish you all the best, and hope you enjoy the run. It is an incredible run with an incredible atmosphere. Hope your legs are feeling okay soon!!!!

Kristy said...

Hi Selina

I wish you all the best for the half, If you like I will email you my mobile if you would like to catch up as I probably won't be on the internet after tomorrow morning...


linda said...

If you haven't already left- good luck! If you've just come back- how did you go???? lol