Saturday, June 07, 2008


I've become an RPM nerd. I'm going through the addiction stage again. It's all I want to do!!
I didn't run at all this week, just did the few RPM classes. My pain memories of the half have scared me off ;P I booked in with myself to go to the RPM Extreme class this morning. I planned it all week - I'll just have Saturday morning off running.
Last nite I got the guilts... 8am is toooo late! Half the day is gone. I really should run. No I really want to do RPM, just this week. The guilt won. I got up at 4.50am to fly to the other side of town to meet my usual training buddies for our normal Saturday morning run. We did hills. Lots of hills. The steepest hills you're gonna find in our town. I really shouldn't have had the week off running. I forgot how much it hurts when I do. Or my legs still haven't forgiven me for putting them through the half. I wasn't in good shape when we finished (story of my life lately), in fact the other guys asked during the run if I was a bit sick today. Err no, just feeling really unfit. My legs are tired I can't keep up with you guys! Anyway after 30mins of hills no addiction to RPM was going to have me rocking up there to repeat it all on a bike, in an hour. No sireee.
Had a nice warm shower and make protein pancakes. Enjoyed them at 8am when I should have been RPMing. Not once did I feel guilty! ;)

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