Sunday, June 22, 2008

I Conquered the Mountain!

It was the run this morning. King of the Mountain. Woke at 6am, and needed a shower to wake up and get warm. Quick breakfast and into the car to the meeting point where 4 of us car pooled. Started the long trek. Had a stop about 20kms from the start line as that was the last time we had toilet access. It was sooo cold. Until we warmed up.

The run was the same as every year, I'm sure I blog the same stuff every year about how hard it was! So I'll just skip that, and say I got to the top in 46mins 41secs. Pretty chuffed with that. It's about 2 mins faster than last year, and a measly 15secs off my best time in 2006. If I knew I was that close, I would have pulled 15sec from somewhere! But you can never tell on that hill what corner turn will be the last.

Thank god that's done for another year. Next year will be my 5th one - I'm considered a veteran then! :)

Now time to focus on the GC half which this time in 2 weeks will be all over :)

Edit: Let's see if I can work Map my Run and transfer the data here...


gypsy77 said...

Well done Selina!!

Do you even get sore after a run like this? I bet your legs are just used to this now!

Kek said...

I bow to you, Oh Powerful-Legged One!

Nice work. :o) You're nuts, but well done anyway.