Sunday, June 08, 2008

I'm In Love!!

With Natalie Bassingthwaite! ;) She's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna be just like her when I grow up! ;) The concert last nite was great!!!!!!! Had to wait around for a very long time before it started, and lots of people were getting irritated, more drunk, and well I was just getting sore feet from standing! We were about 3 people deep, and at times, had I had inspector-gadget arms, I would have been able to touch her :) And the not-too-bad looking guitarist!!! ;P They sound great live as well, she's got a great voice, and a hot body. My OH had the most enthusiasm of the whole nite she came out in the shortest dress, and got lots of photographic evidence on his phone. I'm sure all his mates are enjoying it at the moment as well ;) My sis also got heaps of pics on her camera so I'll post some pics tonite when I see her again :)

Baby baby baby, you are my voodoo child, my voodoo child....

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