Saturday, June 07, 2008

Close Your Wallet WOMAN!

I've been on a money-parting roll lately!! If I see something I want/need I've been going for it, with not too much thought involved. But, a girl's gotta get what a girl needs!!!

This has been my spree of the past week...

LJ Singlet - I did manage to walk out of there with only that. And changing topic here, did you know they have massive sales on at the moment, up to 50% off some stock!! Minimum of 10%. Refrained again today, I think I have most of the shop anyway.

Kambrook Omelette Maker - I did have one of these that I stole from my nan, but someone at work used it, didn't clean it properly, food particles were left on the surface, was put back in cupboard not to be pulled out and used again for a few months, when I did, the paint stuff had all crackled and peeled off from the food... No good to anyone. So to cut a long story short, I bought a new one. Good Guys had 15% off, so even better! I make my PANCAKES in it today, soooo easy and no mess!!

Nearly Knee High Boots - This was a total spur of moment thing. I went shopping for some cool stockings to wear with my new suede ankle boots, but walked away with new bigger boots. (and no stockings!) They are sooo comfy! They've got the pointy heel and pointy toe, which is oh-so-in at the moment. I've had a pair of the thicker, squarer toe ones which I bought when living in Canada years ago, so I was definitely due for an update!

Stockings - didn't get them the day I went looking for them, but picked up a pair today. Not sure if I like them, but someone will wear them if they aren't right.

CD - love the fast-paced remix CD's. Nick Skitz's remixes are my faves. The boy at work has every single album he's done. Except the new one. I beat him to it. Nick Skitz - Come Into My World. Lots of old stuff remixed on there in with new stuff. My kinda old stuff. Melissa Tkautz does 2 songs! Who else remembers her, she was my FAVE actress on E Street - then how excited was I at 10 or so years old when she brought out a song. Or two. That did any good. She does a remix of the Transvision Vamp song - I Want Your Love. Who remembers THEM and THAT song!! LoL. That'll keep me busy this weekend transferring them to my i-shuffle.

Hmmm I think that's it... that's not so bad after all. I just haven't stopped after my spree in Brisbane 3 weeks ago, and that was a scare when the credit card bill came through.

Oh and how could I forget!!!!!!!!!!

Tonite I'm going to ROGUE TRADERS!!! So tix for me and the boy is another spend! (He's fine btw, got out of hospital last nite, is at the races at the moment!). Plus the few drinks I'm going to have tonite. :) And I did say only a few. No big, important race tomorrow, so I'm kicking back :)


Kek said...

LJ has a big sale on??? Aargh! I'll pretend I didn't hear that....

*sticks fingers in ears and goes la-la-la-la*

Lyndsay said...

Er... yes I remember Melissa Tkautz...

I remember being 11 and a few friends and I made up a dance to her song to go in the Talent Quest... I also remember the teachers having to pull us aside and tell us we couldnt do our dance to that song because it wasn't "appropriate" for 11 year olds... "Do to me what your eyes say you wanna do, do it, read my lips... do it..."


Rogue Traders! You lucky thing! I so want to be Natalie Basingthwaite!!