Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Banned from my Boyfriend

How ridiculous hey! He's one big infectious disease...
Let me start from the beginning.

One month ago - got a boil on his leg. In heapsa pain, went to doc, given antibiotics. Called back 2 days later to get different meds as the first lot he was given he was immune to. Boil ran its course, all good.

2 weeks later - boil appears on his arm (this was one I've mentioned). I took him to doc. His usual wasn't there, so saw a locum. Was given antibiotics again - same as the first lot the first time. He told the locum they would do no good, doc said "it'll be OK. These will kill it". Didn't argue. Boil got worse, became infected, ended up in hospital under general anaesthetic for them to clean it up as they were concerned the infection may have gotten into the bone (bad news).

That one is still healing and he still has to strap it as the skin is very tender as it grows back over. It's below his elbow - if you pull your arm up to look at your elbow, it's just few cms in. Not much skin there huh. Well he had a massive crater in there. Looked like a flesh-eating monster had a big chunk. Being a boy, he took some great pics which I could post ;)

This Sunday - has a 'pain' on his arm that feels like a boil. I had a look and said it's prolly only an ingrown. Lucky I'm not a doctor as on Monday he went, and sure enough... got it taken out there and then to save the pain of another one. Blood test ordered to see what's going on in his system.

Tuesday - back again, another one appears on his arm and his stomache. He's really p!ssed off by now. Doctor had to ring the 'infectious diseases' specialist to see what's going on. He's given a massive course of antibiotics - taking 2, four times per day - over $200 worth of meds.

Although we've done it all many times lately - we have to disinfect all the bed clothes again, the towels again, disinfect the bath again, and he's even bathing in some disinfectanct stuff. I'm not allowed to sleep in the same place as him till it's sorted.

He'd never had a boil till a month ago, and I've never had one, and certainly don't want one. So if I have to be banned from him I will.

Makes my poor boy sound grotty, germy and gross - he's not!! I just hope the blood test can get it sorted so they can go away and STAY away!!!

So I'm at mum and dad's for now :)


Cherub said...

Sounds like a nightmare. Hope all is well soon.

Kristy said...

Ewww doesn't sound good for him at all. I hope they work out what is causing it soon...