Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's Official, I'm IN!!

I just received my rego confirmation for the Gold Coast Half Marathon.
I am H2233. That's nice and easy to remember! Yay! No turning back now ;P

I've been MIA again, so busy! Just finished having professional pics taken - of staff and some clients doing stuff in the studio and in the park - to use on all my marketing material. It was fun, can't wait to see them tomorrow :)

Gotta run, more clients coming...................... I'lllllllll be back!!!!!!!!!


Kristy said...

The photo shoot sounds fab.

You got a nice easy number. I just found mine which is H3229, which isn't too bad.

Only 3 weeks now...So excited!

Kek said...

I hope you put your lippy on straight for the photos. ;o)