Monday, June 23, 2008

Lunch & Dinner...

Thanks to Kek!

I was st-ar-ar-ar-ving at lunch time yesterday after the mountain run and subsequent drive back to town.

Opened the fridge to...
Bare, unexciting, nothing.

I could scavenge up something and not enjoy it and then continue to want to eat all afternoon as I wouldn't have had an enjoyable meal, or take time to prepare. Which is rare on a weekend for me - unless it's done FOR me ;)

Lunch ended up being the devine chicken enchiladas. With a few minor changes, as of course I didn't have all the ingredients. It was so worth the preparation time, they were the best thing since *insert food of choice* ;)

I had the same dilemma at dinner time.
Chicken? Nah, had that for lunch.
Salmon? Had that last nite for tea.
Other fish? None in freezer
Beef burgounion? Have that during the week for lunch.

So it was sweet potato pancakes. I skipped the banana but it tasted great! My whey protein was *ah-hem* white chocolate flavour, as I have no vanilla, but whatever, my stomache was happy. And for me, that's the main thing. ;)

I'm also due to make up another batch of the mini quiches. They are a yummy snack to grab and go.

That woman knows how to weave her magic in the kitchen. And no, I'm not being paid to 'pimp' her food blog! ;)

So thanks Kerryn, my tastebuds were very satisfied this weekend ;)

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Kek said...

Aww..for you, Sweets, I'd come and COOK my recipes in person! Yeah, anything to escape the cold Melbourne winter.