Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bless me for I have sinned, it's been one week since my last post!!!!!!!

Gee that time went quick again :)
Thanks girls for your words about my poor lil Bingo. We've picked up his ashes and we'll have a 'ceremony' this weekend with the whole family (that's a challenge in itself, getting us altogether!), and scatter them under his favourite shady fruit tree :)

So what's new... Not alot! It's all work and no play :) I'm saving the play for when I go to Melbourne........ ONLY THREE WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Oh, exciting, I'm one of 10 finalists in Ideal Bodies New You 3 competition! To say I was over the moon when I found out, was an understatement!!! LOL All finalists made awesome transformations, and we've all won anyway :)
( in the latest news section :) Before and after pics are in the gallery should anyone want a squizz)

I actually have plans for this weekend!! It's my bro-in-laws birthday, oops today actually - mental note to call him tonite - so we're celebrating that. And I might even have a few drinks, and I may even go out. OMG!!! First time since my sis' hen's nite last year... very sad isn't it for a single girl!! LOL Will see what happens though; there will be lots of mum and bubs at the party, I'm certainly in the minority these days!

Anywho, must be off, lots to do, so little time as always!!

Ciao for now


Kek said...

Congratulations!! Nice work. :)

Di Broeren said...

About time you got back : ) Been checking in and tap tap tapping my foot waiting for a post!

jodie said...

Good to see a post, and about time! :) I too am in the minority when I go out and socialise these days.... Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who doesn't have kids. Congrats on the finals for IBO New You contest, you did an awesome job and I loved your pics. All the finalists were fantastic.

Rebecca said...

Hi Selina, I bet you can't wait for Melbourne!! Bring on the shopping :) Yippee.

Congrats on being a finalist. I think you should win, your transformation was awesome. You should be so proud of yourself.

Have a great weekend, Rebecca

Selina said...

Ta Kekky :)
LoL Di, times just goes doesn't it!
Jodie - yes, well it was an interesting nite... I ended up playing with the kids to get away from baby talk... LOL
Bec - yea the countdown till Melbourne is ON! and thank you :)