Tuesday, January 23, 2007

HOW RUDE!!!!!!!!
I have been extremely PEEVED at lack of people's consideration and courtesy when it comes to returning phone calls! I made a whole heap the first week of this year, then repeated them last week, sent numerous emails (which I know have been read thanks to requesting the "read receipts") and all of them have been ignored!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING MAKES ME MADDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you aren't interested, simply SAY IT! Don't leave a person guessing, especially as YOU were the one to contact ME...as I will only call you again and again till I get a response...
Then I'm the one annoying the hell out of people ;)
Well, you should have responded to me the first time :P


Kek said...

That peeves me too! Specially when they were the one who contacted me! If you've changed your mind, just tell me....I don't bite. Often.

Jodi said...

I hate that too....I am always a person who gets back to people in the time frame I tell them I will....and if I haven't got an answer or what they needed by then I will let them know where I am at. It is the polite thing to do and one I learnt at a very young age as a Personal Secretary.

Are yes this weather makes you feel lazy doesn't it!!!! I lounge at the coffee club for a couple of hours on Sunday drinking long blacks!! It was hard work!

If everyone else was married and had kids what where they doing up til 3am!!! Lol....that makes me feel old as the last time I did this was almost 3 years ago now!

Hope you get some replies to your ph calls/emails!!!!

RaeC said...

Feel better now you have got that off your chest hon??? LOL!! I totally sympathise with you though, it is very frustrating!!

I've got to agree with you too on the partying thing!! I must be getting old because I can't last the distance like I used to. The only time I see the sun come up these days is when I am up early to head off to the gym... it used to be when I was venturing out of a nightclub to go home in the old days... *sigh*... the old days!! :o) xxx

Shar said...

WOW, you are mad!!
Go do your training and channel that energy into your weights.

I'm worried now that I missed replying to one of your mails!! LOL

Shar x

Hilary said...

I know what you mean, I think we all hate that!!!

Thanks for your congrats lovey, very much appreciated!

Hilary xx

jodie said...

Remind me not to mess with you, he he!! :) Seriously I totally agree, it is so annoying and downright rude. A waste of time, and we all know time is precious.

Remember deep breaths, deep breaths! lol

Selina said...

Errr woops, I didn't mean to come across as fuming at the ears...
It ws just 'one of those moments' when I realised the 20 or so calls I left messages for, hadn't been responded too :)
I'm not always that fired up, much.