Friday, January 26, 2007

I hope everyone is have a wonderful, hot and sweaty, BBQ, beer and Triple J filled day - all of the things Australia Day is known for!!! (Except maybe not the BBQ sausages and beer in most of our cases!!)
I've had a quiet day compared to other years. My sis and her hubby usually do the BBQ thing, but they're away this year. So I started the day with a Step class and lost about 4kgs in sweat, it was sooooo soooooo hot!!! Nothing a cold shower didn't fix though :) I went to lunch with my parents; we ate by the riverbank so that was nice and relaxing!
I've just finished flicking through all my old fitness mags, I love how you can read them over and over but still learn something new each time!!
Heading off for a run this afternoon... hoping to add some sprints in there!! And that's about my day all wrapped up! :)
Hope everyone is have a great one!!!


Lia Halsall said...

I do the same, get out old copies of the oxygen magazines and it's like reading them for the very first time. They're great for references, that's why I always keep them. ;o) xx

jodie said...

Enjoy your day off Selina! I hope you slept in.

Shar said...

I knew we could do it Sel!!!!

Good work, hear from ya tomorrow and vice versa!

Shar x

Di Broeren said...

Hot is an understatement! Lucky we have a pool otherwise I would have been bathing with the dog : )

Hilary said...

I love reading my old Oxygens too - maybe we're all secret "hoarders"?!!!

Your Australia Day sounded lovely -all that energy on a hot day, where do you get it from??!!!

Hilary xx

Jodi said...

Well you are living my dream Selina being a PT business owner.....that is my dream and even though I use to hate getting up a 4.00am to organise Kassie before training clients at 6.00am if it meant living my dream I would be more than happy!!!! As you are. :-)

Tell me about the heat yesterday!!!! I did 2 x 30 mins on spin bike and 1 x 15 mins on Ellipitcal trainer.....well I can't not even begin to describe the sweat loss!!!!! ! drank 5.5 litres of water yesterday!!!! I did the rounds....went into town and out to the harbour...apart from the heat it was a gorgeous day wasn't it?!

Hilds said...

Sounds like we all have big stashes of fitness mags. I'm going to make up a couple of folders with all the great articles, recipies and exercise suggestions (can't keep them all forever!). Selina I know what you mean about the sweat thing, its soooo bloody hot in Cairns I went for a bushwalk the other day and seriously looked like I had been swimming instead!