Sunday, January 07, 2007

OH I NEARLY FORGOT................


On 7th Feb for a few days!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKK!! I've never been outside of QLD and NSW so I'm SOOOOOOO excited!! At this stage I'm not coming home, as I haven't booked flight yet!!! LoL :)))) OK deep breaths, can't think about it too much, as I get too excited and can't settle down!!!!!!!


Kek said...

So where you staying? And how much spare time do you have? Email me!!

Hilary said...

You will love Melbourne! Save your pennies for the shopping!!!!!!!

Hilary xx

Di Broeren said...

Hi Selina
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Melbourne is a completely different world from our laid back Qld. It will be interesting to know what you think. Make sure you take warm weather and cold weather clothing. The first time I went there in the middle of summer I froze! I recall going for a run and having the worse earache from the cold. Who would have thought I'd need to pack my earwarmers in summer!!!!

Kelly said...

A few months ago you had a 'thing' happen and now I read what. It can be tough.

Melbourne... Unlike visiting Sydney, in Melb you will be in the city, with sky scrappers all around you. Find a map at a visitor centre and go and visit the 'block arcade.' It's really old with mosaics on the ground all the way through and go to the rialto tower and the mcg. There is heaps to see and do. Is the Australian Open still on then? Oh and have pasta on Lygon St and shopping on Bridge Road and at DFO at the airport. The museum is always good. Like Di said, the weather can go either way.

Hope you're have a great 2007.

linda said...

@elcome to our city! Hope you like it and stay for a while. I'm out in the Yarra Valley if you venture out this side of town. Great wineries -or so I've been told!!!

Kek said...

C'mon Selina...I'm waiting for all the details *taps foot impatiently*

jodie said...

Yah - you will love Melbourne, there is just so much to do. Hopefully the weather won't be too crap for you. Hil is so right, save your $$ for the great shopping.

RaeC said...

How exciting!! I love Melbourne, but had never been there until I started competing (well apart from when I was about 10 and on a trip around Oz with my family during Dad's long service leave... but that is another story... LOL!!

You will LOVE it!! xxx

Shar said...

Hey Sel,

Enjoy your teip! You sound super duper excited! (as did I 6 weeks ago!)

Shar X
PS its nearly Wednesday!! what happened to Saturday???? :)

Rebecca said...

Woo hoo, Melbourne!!! I hope that you get to do lots and lots of shopping!! I can't wait to hear all about it.


Alicia said...

Righto missy - you wanna know about Melbourne? Email me! I've lived there for over half my life :D xo

Kek said...

eeeeeeeeee!! Can't wait!

linda said...

Kerryn- maybe selina's packing her bags!!!

Selina said...

Kekky - done baby ;)
Hils - ta for the tip! Too much won't be enough tho I'm sure!
Di - pleasure :) HOpe i don't need to wear earmuffs in summer... although stranger things have happened!
Kelly - yea, that was my "thing". And thanks for the tips, I shall see if time allows that in between shopping and shopping ;)
Linda... you say wineries?!?!?! :P
Kek - Well aren't we miss impatient! lol
Jodie and Rae - yea I'm very excited!
Shar - yea that's me always on time!
Rebecca - I will be posting all about it as I get very excited over small things!! hehe
Alicia - OK so where do all the single rich guys hang?! :P
Kek - another one?!?! LOL
Linda - LoL not yet... have to see what the crazy weather is doing first!!