Saturday, March 20, 2010

And closer it comes...

This is the updated image as at 5.00pm.

Expected to hit in the early hours of the morning. Man, it's windy out there already!!!!!!!!! Radio announcements are saying to be where you plan to spend the night by 7.00pm.

So I succumbed and I'm at my parents. They didn't want me home alone, and I was getting scaredy-catter by the hour.

My naughty little brother is still out surfing.... there's no telling some men. I've called him and left a message, hope he gets his butt home soon.

Nothing much to do except wait. And watch TV. And I'm already sick of both ;)


Cherub said...

Keep safe Selina. Hope to hear that all is well in the morning.

Mel said...

Hi Selina. I've been following your blog for a little while now, and love your 'scribble'. :)
Hoping everything is okay. Stay safe.

Jehanne said...

Hope you are ok - I shall be anxiously awaiting a blog post in the morning! luv u xx