Friday, March 26, 2010


I visited my doc yesterday and she ordered some blood tests.

I went to the pathology straight away instead of putting if off for days like I usually do.

For the first time ever, IT BLOODY HURT!!! Although the nurse did say I had an awesome vein to suck it from. ;)

Only after I was done I saw the sign saying "no heavy lifting including handbags and groceries". Damn damn damn... just to check I asked if that included doing weights at the gym (ya know, just in case...) and the response was a blunt, "er, no".


Today my arm is so so sore, I can't even straighten it or clench my fist and it's turning a nice shade of purple. I don't think I'll be lifting heavy stuff today either :(

Enjoy your Fridays :)


Kitty said...

wot?? i get blood tests quite frequently, i've never seen that sign. my pathology shop doesn't have that sign!!!!

i often train with weights directly after.

what will happen? will i lose the arm??

Shaboom said...

Geez, seriously think you must have had a learner using that needle or just someone very rough!! Very dodgy! Hope your arm is bit better today and you start to feel better. Have a nice weekend and get plenty of rest. Talk to you soon xx

KRISTIN said...

ouchie! bloody test needles hurt! hope all is well babe and your arms clears up soon for training again :)

KRISTIN said...

hehe, i mean 'blood' test needles :)