Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fasten your seatbelt, it's gonna be one hell of a ride....

Here Cyclone Ului comes. It certainly hasn't fizzled to nothing (as I mentioned last post) and the whole town has taken it very seriously. There is no water or tinned food left on the supermarket shelves.
The cyclone is expected to cross the coast early Sunday morning........

It's a little bit scary; I've never been through anything like this before! I was co-incidentally out of town for our region's heartbreaking 2008 floods. I'm not quite sure what to do...??

I had plans for someone over tonight, but we decided it would be better to stay at our own houses... just to keep an eye on things. Mum has asked me to go there, but Max doesn't have any shelter at mum's house. (Max is my car ;) ). I may be able to go to my friend's house that was to come here; provided I get picked up or my car fits in the garage. I can't do anything more at home but wait - I just don't want to be alone... it's a little scary!!

Strangely enough there's been no rain today; it's very overcast/dark and windy (no surprises there). I was up at 5am and there was nothing better to do than go for a run, so for 50minutes I pounded the pavement. It's the best run I've had in a long time - I felt so STRONG! YAY, I must be coming back. That, and the diet has been spot on - good, nutritious, fuelling foods :)

Cyclone threat or not, you can't do much about it, so I did some shopping as well... then went into work and did a major back-up of all my systems, just in case!

Now it's just the waiting game....

This little lappy-toppy will be getting packed up very soon as staying close by me, lots of stuff on here that I can't afford to lose!

Sooooo see you all on the flip-side! Hope and pray for us that the winds are kind and there's little destruction, and most importantly that everyone stays SAFE.

Time for me to put those wheelie bins somewhere indoors. :)


Casey said...

Sounds scary! Stay safe lovely.

Shar said...

Stay safe Sel!!
Good luck
shar x

Esme said...

Can be scary Selina, I've been through a couple of near misses in Darwin. But there's time to prepare, if things get rough get into the bathroom and get cosy with everyone!! Take warm clothes as it's unusually cold afterwards. Stay safe, Erika