Thursday, March 25, 2010

What a week!

So after Cyclone Ului swept through (and lucky it didn't bring its A-Game!) I was pretty bored at home with no power.

I read a few mags, no one was answering my calls or text messages so I was getting cranky (later realised alot of services were down!), I was a bit like a caged animal so at 1pm I decided to just get out and goooooo.

So I ran for an hour. Through town, past restaurants - and the ones that were open were packed as there was no power in most of the town still. Red Rooster was rocking, McDonald's drive-thru caused traffic jams onto the major roads. How convenient that those places get their power back.

After a cold shower I visited my sis and bro-in-law who also had no power; so had a very hot, irritable little bubby girl.

I got my power back on at 6pm Sunday night, and I was a lucky one. I had someone stay with me as they had none... and then again Tuesday nights, and to this day, they're still not connected!

The pics above are at a park close-by where I take training sessions. Those trees are HUGE and OLD... and you can't tell but there is a walking/running track under the mess on the second pic. The park was flattened compared to what it normally is!

Anyway - what an experience!


Had my skins done again Tuesday and again they were all down! WHOO HOOOOOOOO! I'm doing something right :) I know it will start to slow up a bit now, and we're going to do them weekly so I know the changes won't be as drastic. But everything is going in the right direction, so I've just gotta keep the focus, and keep doing the job at hand... one meal at a time; one training session at a time :)

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ss2306 said...

,one day at a time :)

So glad you're safe and sound.