Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back At It

After my lil whinge about my sore arm from being prodded with a needle, I didn't get back into the gym at all last week.

Friday and the weekend was all about cardio, cardio, cardio! An RPM class, an 8km run, a walk and some time with the bike - I slept very well :)

I took some progress pics and was blown away by the changes. Mind you the comparisons were from beginning of January... but still, I didn't feel like too much had changed, so it was a very welcome surprise!

My arm is sporting a nice blue/green bruise which has somehow extended down my arm to places nowhere near where the needle went in... I had someone ask me if a blunt needle was used - it felt like it! A runner friend who takes blood said she must have went thru the vein and 'bled me'. Lovely. Anyway... over it now! Does make a nice bruise though ;)

Trained leggies yesterday (and it hurt to hold the heavy deadlift bar... oh my poor vein) ;) but my peaches and hammies are sore-as today, so it all worked.

Today was skin-fold day and holy dooly, they were all down again from only a week ago. I know it will really start to slow up now, but every ml counts! My trainer thinks my upper body is pretty muchly in comp shape. Subtle hint to my ass - MOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Then he proceeded to smash me with a session. Love it :)

Enjoy hump day! Short week - YEEEHA!

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Shaboom said...

You looking awesome Selina!!! Nice work on the skinfolds being down. Love the pics of you and your niece.... soooo cute!!!! Thanks for your support this week, not long till we strut our stuff. Keep going strong xx