Tuesday, March 09, 2010

THE Par-tay!!!!!!!!

I had the bestest fun on Saturday night!

It all started Friday when my bestie flew up; we organised stuff, then Saturday was my actual birthday! I started with a run - best way to start, right

We had just 'stuff' to do, visits to make, then got my hair done and my other friend flew up then it was time to get ready and it was all on

Everyone made an effort with the masks, it was so good to see.

I had a great night, and everyone who attended said they did to. It was only a small party, but the people that matter to me most were there - that's the most important thing to me. :))))

Picture time!
My funky hair! And yes, it's all mine, no extensions. (I get asked that all the time)
Soooo not a poser!
My bestie and I.
Speech time and my yummo cake!
Trying to cut it, and not touch the bottom! ;) You'll see on the table my mummy presented me with a gift I had to open there - which is my Oxygen mag article framed :)

Some of the boys.

Getting a little crazy.
The awesome foursome back together again.

Mummy and her two daughters.

More fun and games.

I have heaps of pics and heaps of memories. I scored some great gifts, but just had so much fun spending time with everyone!

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes via facebook and the texts - I'm going to turn 30 every year!!! xx


ss2306 said...

Wow - you looked STUNNING!

So glad you had a 30th to remember. Times like those are the best!

Stay cool

Chelle said...

Smoking hot girl!

linda said...

Happy birthday selina- you look gorgeous and your 30's will be the best part of your life!!

Ann said...

You look beautiful and more importantly you look happy and hopeful!!!!!!!!! Soooo glad you had a great birthday!

Leanne said...

You looked great!!!!

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo! You are a stunner!

Cherub said...

Looks like you had a night to remember and I love your hair.

Shaboom said...

How spunky are you??? Looks like you had a blast at your party! Have a great week... 10 weeks to go - OH YEAH! XX