Thursday, March 18, 2010

I need 27 hours in a day!

And another period of time has passed. Where do my days go!? And on that, I was just told today that easter is just over 2 weeks away.... NOOoooooooooooo the year is flying!!!

You know just when things are all going great, there's always something that happens to disrupt the happy little world. Well yep, work did it to me again, and we're not quite over the hurdle just yet. Need to remember to turn every negative into a positive. It will all work out in the end. And Breathe! Been a little bit stressy the since my birthday but there is a light.

So along with that came.... ding ding ding, round TWO of the summer flu! Go me, I'm on fire with harvesting all the nasty bugs. As soon as the razor blade throat came on, and woke me at exactly 2.22am Tuesday morning (what's with that time?!) I smashed the pills, so managed to skip the crappy part of the flu, and now it's just coming out of my nose. Lovely.


Training is going well. Infact, I did a 5km Club Championship race on Sunday (where all the 'guns' come out to play as it's for trophy points). In the past 4 weeks since my three-week bout of the flu, I've run about four times - most of those being reduced to a walk. Since December I've done ONE sprint training session, so wasn't expecting to pull any magic numbers. Wasn't even sure I'd crack 5minute kms.

When that gun went off, the sleeping, competitive little biatch came out to play and I pulled out a 23:50 race. Shocked? A little. Only 54secs off my fastest time ever from years back.

Not running and being sick really works for me ;)

Two of the boys I do sprint training with did massive times; a 17:22 and an 18:35 (yea I run with fast boys...) so we went out for dinner to 'celebrate' (I went wild with chook and veges). I wasn't there for the food... how good did I look dining with two fit men!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) Shame no one I knew was at the resturant to see ;) LOL.

Weights are going well - I'm liking seeing all the arm veins again. Keep burning fat, keep burning.


So there's a cyclone coming this way. Just like every other year. We all get so complacent. But this one is different... so everyone is cleaning their yards, doing the cyclone grocery shop. All I have to do is bring my wheelie bins in. Easy! Oh and the pegs, they may become very dangerous flying missiles.

Hope it all fizzles to nothing... but regardless it's going to be a very wet and windy weekend. *fingers crossed* everyone stays safe!


Cherub said...

Well done on the run Selina and good luck with the work issues.

Anonymous said...

I hear you on the running thing. Illness and no running for a long time do the trick for me too. Where's the logic?

Leanne said...

Sounds like you are on fire at the moment girl!! Keep up the good work, hope you kick that bugs ass for good, lol!