Wednesday, February 04, 2009

And it keeps getting worse!!!!!!!!!

If that's possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An old staff member and good friend visited me at work this morning - I haven't seen her since August as she's been travelling. Her first comment was "shit you've lost weight!" Yay I guess... ??

She knows all the shit that's been happening and blurted "so it must have been the girl he was kissing that night at *insert name of bar here*. I screamed "WHAT?!?!?!". Her and I went out of the 2nd August last year before she took off. She was intoxicated and said that, as we walked in, she thought she saw him in the corner of this bar, kissing some chick and the chick was all over him. She instantly thought it was me, until she realised that DUH, I was with her... She asked the other girl she was with if she'd seen it as well and she replied "nah mate, you must be seeing stuff". So she kept quiet - I walked in with these 2 girls - I must have missed it by literally a millisecond.

I remember this night perfectly, as I walked into this bar, his mate said "Rob's over here", and I looked and he's there with outstretched arms for a hug. He made me sit down (in this same corner) and talk to him and tell him all about my night... he was so affectionate and caring and I thought I had the best boyfriend in the world. All a cover.

I don't blame my friend at all for not mentioning what she thought she saw... she really did think she was seeing stuff being so drunk, and the fact that no one else saw it, she didn't want to cause any crap as she knew (thought) we were perfectly happy together. But it all makes sense now... her description was he saw her see him and shat himself and had the "oh fuck fuck fuck" look on his face. Next minute she said I was in his arms for the hug. Her descriptions were too detailed for it to have been an illusion.

OMG. And to think the mongrel fuckwith got away with it for that long. To think he still thinks he's gotten away with it, when I was there. And the fact that my friend originally thought it was me - well we're both brunettes, so it has to be her. OMG. That was 2nd of AUGUST.... AUGUST!!!!!!!!! That was MONTHS ago.... for them to be so intimate then IN PUBLIC where ANYONE could have seen - INCLUDING ME AS HE WENT OUT THAT NIGHT TO MEET ME - just how long was it going on before that?? No wonder he got all weird about me being around the computer when he was using it - I always just hung round when he fartarsed around on it, then suddenly he never wanted me around. And he always seemed to switch screens when I wandered past the computer room. I just thought he was looking at porn.

I really truly believe that they became 'acquainted' with this facebook shit, and that led to the demise of our relationship. It's such immature bullshit - it's like school all over again. There's the 'cool' group who are friends with everyone, then there's the outsiders... which I why I never really fit in, as I'm not a drugfucked loser. They could chat and email and flirt and I was never to know. That's what I really really hate about it. You can let people into your life that you never would under normal circumstances.

So August that happened, he went out on boys nites a bit in September so I'm guessing it was all on again, then it alllll came to a head on 4th October, when they were away from "the girlfriend" on the Gold Coast, and just couldn't keep their emotions in check anymore and just HAD to go have sex. That's if they hadn't already.

I know I'm too good for all this shit, I know I deserve better, I know it will take time, I know it all. But it makes it no easier for the moment.

I repeat - scum sticks to scum and karmas a fucking bitch.

I'm sure so many readers are sick of this crap, but like I've always said, I need to vent, and preferably not to my clients, LOL, so here it is ;) You don't have to read, but let's admit it, unfortunately who doesn't like a bit of controversy :(

As Shelley said (god love her) "FUCK HIM, He's just an egg!"

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