Saturday, February 14, 2009


Guess who was on the exactly the same flight to Brisbane as me last night. C'mon, just ONE guess.

And Liz you're not allowed to as you already know the answer :P

I survived my voiceless day yesterday OK, ended up being ready to fly out with heaps of time tospare, that's not like me at all. Stupid plane was delayed for TWO hours so my poor cousin was finally able to pick me up after 11pm, and we were back at his place by midnight. Because of the weather, the flight was bloody scary, the turbulence was horrible, I was so sick with thoughts of dying that I thought I would throw up. The whole plane was crapping themselves, everyone was silent, you could hear the terror!!! And that was only an hour and twenty minute flight, I hope to Bali is heaps smoother, or I may end up quite pale...!!

I got to sleep about 1am and woke about 6am (not meaning too, but I must have been excited or something ;) ), ready and rocking to get to Liz's RPM class!! It was great, she did a few little psycho stints; I thought she was a quiet one, silly me ;) My heart was pumping, the sweat was pouring, it was a GREAT class! And best of all, I can say I have survived one of her classes! I was quite disappointed when were were supposed to sing loud to one of the tracks and all that came out of my mouth was ............... silence. Yea forgot again I hardly have a voice.

We had a little play in the gym, a bit of 'dick and jane', a bit of 'bondage' and I even got to feel her ass :P Bet not many people can say they've touched their coach's butt!! hee hee After that we had a bite to eat - I was able to experience the Phuc Viet prawn rice paper rolls. MMmmm they were good. Had a good chat, and the morning was gone.

Back at my cousin's now, waiting for my friend to pick me up. I'm feeling a bit like poo now, tired obviously from lack of sleep then the RPM class, but starting to feel a little 'off' now... my throat is starting to hurt, probably from straining to talk so much with no voice. *Fingers crossed* it all passes - I may even try to have a nap this afternoon so at least I'm forced to stay still for a bit.

ONE SLEEP TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This may be my last blog as we're flying out in the morning!!!!!!! We will have a laptop over there, so may blog, but may not too :P See what happens!!! I'll come back in a few days and see who or just how many people win the game above. LoL

Thanks EVERYONE for all your good wishes, I will be safe and have FUN!!!

I'M GOING TO BALI!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

He wasn't was he?

Have fun, have lots of fun and leave this life behind you and thoroughly enjoy yourself. You've earnt the break. ;o)

Lia xxx

RaeC said...

Get out... surely not??? Have an awesome time in Bali hon, you have certainly deserved a let down of your hair. Stay safe and can't wait to hear about the fantastic time you had and all the mad flirting you did... LOL!! xxx

Carolyn said...

Yes, Selina, I too have touched THE BUTT. All in the name of squat technique though...although I really think people WERE looking at me rather strangely!
Have a fabulous time in Bail - you deserve an enjoyable break!!
Carolyn xx

Lyndsay said...

Was it a famous hot footballer? Did he try and chat you up but you turned him down?

I know you'll be blogging from Bali... well, you'd better anyway! Say hi to your cousins and L for me.

Looking forward to hearing all about your excellent adventures!!


little rene said...

My guess is The Scrag was on there. Either tht or the same as everyone else.
C'mon! tell us :)

Kek said...

I know you'll have a great time - just remember to come back!