Sunday, February 08, 2009

This Time Next Week.........

I'll be on the plane to Bali!! YEEEEEEEEEHAAA!!! Have I ever mentioned that I sooooo cannot wait?!

Last nite myself and my 2 trainers were invited onto one of our client's boats for drinks and nibblies. It was so nice sitting in the marina, very windy, but what a life! They live on it so it's got everything. Had heaps of fun, and totally unplanned, somehow ended up going out.

What a crazy night. Had heaps of fun, knew heaps of people out, had a great time! Seems like every girl I knew just happened to have a single male friend... I've already had calls from 2 different girls asking if they can give my number to their 'friend'. My response was, "Hell no!" LoL. Not going there.... not yet anyway!

I'm about to go visit my 2 friends and their 5 kiddies between them. I'm loving keeping busy, my mind has to be filled with fun stuff, to keep it off other stuff! I'm doing OK :) Today's a 'good' one ;)

Enjoy what's left of your Sundays. My thoughts and prayers are with those in Victoria who may be threatened with the fires. xx


Janelle said...

Hi Selina
I've just stumbled across your blog becasue I remember reading it a few years ago and was really impressed with the success you had with the Body Blitz challenge.
I'm so sorry to hear about your relationship mess. I've been sitting here reading it all night and I just want to say that you seem like such a stong person - I think you can get through anything.
I had a similar thing happen when I broke up with my boyfriend of 8 years but that's a very long story......
Have a great time in Bali - forget your problems and enjoy all those luxurious massages on the beach! Oh, and down a few shots - that should help!

little rene said...

Have a great holiday Selina!

Please have a few coctails by the pool for me ;)

Rebecca said...

I bet you can't wait for the holiday!!! I hope it comes so quick for you. You deserve it.

Gosh, after reading your last post it just guts me that your ex has been so thoughtless. I am still thinking of you hon.

Every now and then I still feel pangs of anger for what mine did too. We will be such strong women when this is over!

xox Rebecca

SeLiNa said...

Hey Janelle -
Did we correspond by email?!? I do remember you if that's the case :)
Thanks for your kind words. I'm getting there :)

Thanks Rene and Rebecca, I will surely being having a few cocktails for you rene - I can blame you then "but she wanted me toooo" hee hee. And Bec, we are heaps stronger than that crap that did that to us - crapped on us that is :) GO US!