Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy 400th Post To ME!!

Only took 3 years :)

I'm a stress-head. Trying to arrange everything from work to packing to what on earth to pack! GAH! It was way easier when I just left work for a month with no warning, I'm too anal and need to make sure everything is done before I leave with a kazillion instructions for the staff - which they don't need anyway, as they handled my month off FINE. Having not travelled overseas for almost 5 years I have no idea on the rules anymore. I can't take any food, of any sort :( I always travel with at least my supply of oats, protein powder, a few bars and tins of tuna. Not this time. There was no way I was even considering the protein powder - little clipseal bags of white powdery stuff to Bali, me don't think so!!! Also supps are out - I've been recommended not even getting myself into the situation where stuff may need to be tested. Fine by me. I better not get ill, with not being able to take my glutamine.

Had some great moments, and crappy moments this week.

First of all, extremely saddened and horrified at the devastation in Victoria with the bushfires. I never stopped thinking about my Victorian friends, and praying that they're OK. xx

Got an AWESOME possible offer for a huge work contract on Saturday, as in HUGE contract, all in the pipe-line still. Hugely excited,
Wednesday I found out the structure is changing, could make things more difficult and harder for me to take on, but will wait and see when the proposal comes through.

Tuesday I had the annual dentist visit. My teeth are 'impeccable'
I need to get my wisdom teeth out. DAMMIT!! They're causing no hassles, but 'just in case'. It's so inconvenient, I have a huge year with stuff on, that can't interfere with a fat face, so they will just have to wait till later on ;)

Wednesday I told my mum that I think I'm really doing well with all the 'crap', I've had a HUGE turn-around over five weeks, and I think I'm OK with everything, no tears for a while now...
I found out stuff that 'appears' they are deliberately being spiteful, and trying to hurt me and rub salt in my wounds. Maybe not intentionally, but remember, small town, it will get back to me. He is so self-absorbed though that he wouldn't have even contemplated what would happen should it get back to me. Not going into details, but when a friend heard about it, it was enough for her to say this: "Oh My God Selina, that is even worse than I imagined what an absolute asshole. I can't believe how low and selfish and totally disrespectful he is, what has he become?? And she is just a whore, she KNOWS you, she is just as bad. WTF is wrong with the young people of today. You are gonna find an awesome guy and be sooo happy and he will just be stuffed up and end up alone". So after thinking I was OK, dealing with all that made me realise I am still so not over everything, just yet.

I've had some AWESOME training sessions, smashing it
Right now my legs are sooooo soooooo sore, and I only trained 4 hours ago. I gotta do Liz's RPM class from HELL on Saturday!!!!!!!!! OMG!!

I'm very very excited - one sleep till I leave here, 2 sleeps till I leave Australia
I'm too stressed and excited and hardly sleeping, and woke up with a croaky and slightly sore throat today, and guess what... after training a kazillion clients today, I've almost lost my voice!! HEE HEEE

But anyway, looking forward to catching up properly with Liz and anyone else on Saturday :)

Gotta scoot, spray tan appointment to attend ;) And Yes, I am a tan-orexic. Lucky I have a friend who does them for nothing!!! ;)


linda said...

haha- selina you sound as though you are doing fine! Have a lovely trip and come back refreshed and relaxed . Wise move to leave those little packets at home!!

Gillian said...

Hi Selina,

Have a fantastic holiday, you so deserve it. Concentrate on putting everything behind you and have as much fun as you can!!!

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Hey Chicki

Not going to make spin tomoro with the "Cruella". A friend has lost her computer records and she is not accounting minded. i said I would help her recreate her books, thinking I could do this on Sunday but she only can do it on Saturday. so my little darlin, I am going to miss catching up with you too. Bummer. Maybe when you come back we can plan something again. I know Lia is coming up in April, so I am thinking that is going to be a huge blogger/forum catchup for everyone! Oh yeah, ensure you party hard while you are away!!!!