Wednesday, February 04, 2009


It's funny how many people 'spring' up from nowhere once you're unattached. I've been asked to the movies twice - by female acquaintances, but it's nice, you usually don't worry when you're in a relationship as all your time is with your other half.

4 years ago when I was last single, I had a lovely guy send me a helium balloon with a dinner invite attached, to my work here - I was so touched, but I had also JUST seeing this certain fuckwit, so had to decline. Didn't I make a bad choice all those years ago. Anyway this guy and I became good friends anyway and to cut a novel short - he's just built a house and has told me if I want a change of scenery and something to do I'm more than welcome to go round there and have a drink with him on his deck. Again, another thing you just wouldn't do if attached. And with him I know there's no ulterior motive (anymore!! hee hee), he's just such a great guy - I don't know why he doesn't have a girlfriend actually!!

And THEN, one of my trainers told me that her housemate has the hots for me! LOL! She told me in December when we went out for drinks, but in December I was attached. (I only met this guy that night, but he noticed that night that I wasn't being treated well, and my now-ex was very self-absorbed... amazing when you love someone so much and in your own little bubble you don't notice these things, and don't realise other people do!). So ANYWAY, she tells me every day he's been bugging her about me. How cute!!

I'm flattered but it's really the last thing I need right now. I'm not going to be like that scumbag of an ex and live by his motto "Nothing like the next one to get over the last one", I will never stoop to that level - that's just using someone else for my own selfish needs and could never hurt someone like that.

So, do I sound like I'm big-noting myself? Maybe? lol! But if anything makes me feel just a smigin better, I'll run and do a happy dance with it. :)


Cheryl said...

You know sweetheart its funny when your single you notice more people giving you the eye too. I once got hit on the supermarket (husband was in another isle) Husband almost died. This was after he did what he did, but before I wouldnt have thought about it!
Enjoy yourself sweetheart. You are such a good looking girl. I dont blame them!

RaeC said...

No, not big-noting yourself at all. Just totally unintentionally proving to everyone who reads your blog that you really are WAY TOO GOOD for that loser. He so doesn't deserve someone with such a beautiful heart and gorgeous nature xxx