Monday, February 16, 2009

DING DING DING! We have a winner!!

Lia, you got it straight up babe!

Yes, HE was on the same flight as me to spend Valentine's weekend in Brisbane with his lover. How romantic. I had a gut feeling all day that he would be on the same flight, a sick sensation in my stomache. Last time I had that feeling was when I ran into him in Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast 4 days after our break-up. Twice now my gut has known. He came and spoke to me in the airport, I answered his questions, I wasn't over-friendly, I stayed cool and collected. I was maybe even a bit cold towards him (which is easy when I have no voice anyway!!)... let's just say he didn't try to chat for long. I basically showed no emotion, I was very proud of how I handled the situation, I didn't try to be cold towards him, it's just how I reacted. Especially as he asked me "so what are you going down to Brisbane for". I looked at him pathetically "I'm going to Bali...". That just proved to me how self-absorbed he is that he didn't even remember that my trip was this weekend. It was a huge thing for both of us when I booked it last September because it was the longest we would be apart, AND overseas. And the fact that I missed Valentine's day, he had a little sulk about that. Basically, it was a huge thing for both of us, and within 6 weeks (yay, happy six week single anniversary to me today!), he'd totally forgotten, he's all about him. As far as I'm concerned, you just don't forget that stuff so easy. I still know he's going away next weekend to the Goldie for a music festival he booked when we were together. Anyway.............. WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately as I hadn't seen him for a whole month, then having to face him in person again has shaken all the suppressed emotions up... I couldn't stop thinking about him all that night and next day, but I hope he's been shaken up as well, as he had NO idea I would be at the airport. I was sort of prepared thanks to my gut ;) But again........... WHATEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went to bed about 11pm on Saturday night, and woke at 3.45am. Still not sleeping too good. We were off to the airport by 5am. Got our bags glad-wrapped, not taking any chances! After a 5hr30min flight where I got NO sleep, we were in BALI BABY!!!!!!!

Our motel's quite nice with a huge pool right beside the beach. We did a little bit of shopping yesterday, and left when it started to rain!! I must have brought the rain with me, I still haven't seen sun for 3 weeks!! It's not sposed to rain here when I'm on holidays!!!!!!!! It started storming so we jumped in a cab to get back to our motel, and as we were driving there was a BOOM and sparks flew.... Just as we drove under a power pole, the power box exploded, and sparks landed on our cab. We all jumped!!! It was perfect, or not-so-perfect timing. After that, nearly the whole of Kuta seemed to have no power supply... Back in Legian where we're at, it was OK. By now I was feeling really ill and weak, so I had to have a nana-nap. I still have a scratchy, and at times, NO voice. Before it was just that, voiceless, but the last few days my throat feels huge and like I'm swallowing razor blades. I'll give it one more day otherwise I'll have to see a doctor. Ick... me thinks I maybe have a throat infection, I've had them before :(

Went for a wander before dinner. I had a prawn and advocado salad for dinner, it was YUM. I just can't believe how inexpensive everything is over here. We had an early night last night.

Today the other 2 girls fly in to join us and we may do the spa thing. Massage, facial, pedi, the whole works, and again it's SOOOO cheap!!

But priorities... had to come check email! I tell ya what, with no puter (we didn't end up bringing the laptop) and no mobile, I feel NAKED and cut off from the whole world!! Have to let my mummy and daddy know I'm all safe :)

So that's my trip so far.... still overcast today, I hope the sun visits soon!

And Rae - I would love to say I will do some mad flirting, but with no voice it ain't gonna happen!!! I will just have to bat my eyelashes wildly instead...!!! HA!!! :P


Lia Halsall said...

I just knew it! LOL!! ;o) xxx

Ann said...

Congrats on the playing it cool thing - you are definitly an inspiration! Also, enjoy your time in Bali - I am sooooooo jealous!

RaeC said...

It just floors me that it was him. Bet God is putting you two in the same place just to rub it into him about the great girl he let go due to his own stupidity!!

As for the flirting... apparently love is a universal language and you don't need words... work those eyes baby, work 'em!! xxx