Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bali Day 2!

So after just having to check email etc yesterday, we had our massage. Ohhh it was soooo good. I had a "Traditional Balinese Massage" and my friend had an aromatherapy one. It was in a spa, not the ones by the beach, and for 80mins it was only $11-12AUD! Such a bargain, I could do one every second day. I gave her a generous tip, they gotta make a living somehow right!?

Then my friend got the inklings of the old faithful Bali belly... ohhhh... So back to the room we went where she had to rest, and because I'm STILL sick (it's really making me cranky now!) I ended up napping as well. The massages were just tooo relaxing, but hey, we're on holidays!! We woke up to our doorbell ringing.... Our other 2 friends had just arrived! YAY!!!!!!!!!

From there we went for a wander, had a late lunch/early dinner, a swim and booked all our tours.

We're doing a sunset boat thing, surfing lessons, cooking lessons, and white water rafting. Soo exciting!!

The other 2 gals were quite tired from all the travelling, so we were in bed by 7.30pm, lights out by 8.30pm. What party animals huh!! But at least I feel HEAPS better today for all the extra rest.

Today, we're internetting again, as nowhere opends till 9am or after, and we're off to Kuta for some CRAZY mad shopping! YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEHA!!!!!

SOooo, over and out ;) NO doubt I'll be back tomorrow :P


Kristy said...

That sucks your feeling sick on holiday, but glad to hear your feeling better today.

Massages, white water rafting, cooking lessons it sounds like a fantastic holiday.

Have a ball and can't wait for tomorrows update!

Jehanne said...

Yay for Bali massages Babe!!!!!!! Enjoy, and heck - get one every day why dont ya?

Hilary said...

Sounds like are having an AWESOME time chicky, gotta love those bargain massages!!

Hilary xx

Kek said...

Glad you're having a good time (apart from the cruddy throat thing).

I need a partner in crime for something - will call or email when you get home.


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