Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Onward and Upward Baby!!!!!!!!!!

I'm in a really good place right now :) Chances are that will come crumbling back down, but with each day I've healed a little bit more and each day I'm one day stronger!!

I had THE MOST AWESOME weekend!!!!!!! I love my bestie on the Gold Coast, and her roomie who is now my new other best friend (lol) - they certainly know how to make someone have a good time. I've spent more of this year down there, than up here. Oops :P

I flew out on Saturday and took it easy - after our daily spa session, we had a girlie night in and watched a DVD. Sunday was the Beach Cricket finals!! Yay for free tickets!!! We got all Aussied-up - shirt, hats and wigs. We had a great time until it POURED down. Even our bright yellow rain ponchos (yes, very organised!) couldn't save us, so we called it a day. Still got to see a bit and experience the atmosphere. Sunday night was another quiet one in.

Monday was THE best day ever!! A totally AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE OI OI OI DAY!!! We started by walking to Kirra Beach for the Save Kirra Paddle-Out thingy... there were SO many people! I thought I was just top-sh!t with my surfboard (not that I know how to even kneel on one... YET). There were well over 1000 boards out there and we made the shape of Australia in the water. Not sure how well it went... it was chaos out there! I did good though, I only crashed into one person ;) We also got interviewed for the TV! We had our green and gold wigs on again and our hats, and our Aussie togs and a kazillion stick-on Aussie tattoos. (On a side-note, that was the first time EVER EVER in my life that I have gone to the beach and not worn board shorts! OMG, it was soooo liberating!!!) I was such a smart cookie and put suncream all over my front and back, except from the waist down. And here I was floating on the board on my stomache for an hour in the middle of the day. I am raw raw raw red, I think my upper legs/butt may blister... BUT it was SO MUCH FUN!

YAY for Aussie Day!!! From lunch we had the traditional Triple J Countdown party. Where they live is a secure apartment block complete with pool, spa, and BBQ area. We had heaps of people over and had a ball. Played Aussie games, had a BBQ, and drank some bevvies. I couldn't handle the pressure and had an arvo kip ;) Such an animal aren't I! Went to the surfclub later that night and partied on, then to another venue. Had a ball dancing to all the Aussie songs, everyone was in a great mood, it was SUCH a fun day!

(Another side note - I got a phone call from HIM on Monday night, I was messaging a friend when he rang and I bloody accidentally answered it... GRRRR. Yet another slap in the face - he spent the weekend in Brisbane with HER. She's swept on in like a bloody seagull and just replaced me. His life goes on as normal, there's been no change for him, just a younger model. Worst part is, I was replaced before I even knew there was an 'issue' :~( She's young with her life in front of her, of all the men, why did she have to take mine away from me and choose MY boyfriend to get her sticky hands into... SCUM STICKS TO SCUM BABY!!!!!!!!! Ok rant over.)

So I was a bit shaken up after that, but I snapped out of it. What's the other option!? One thing I recall is my lil bro saying "Only you can make you happy. People can say stuff to cheer you up, but ONLY YOU can change your mood and make yourself happy." Love you bro!!! :)

So happy dance I did :) I just LOVE the lifestyle down on the Goldie :) If I didn't have my business I would be back down there, no question. The gorgeous Lyndsay and I became very close friends when I used to live down there, we had so much fun 'trying' to surf and just hanging. I loved my life down there!

Back to the weekend - Tuesday was back to reality - I had to fly home :(

Today I went to work and did crap. There's always crap to do. Had a SMASHING gym session, I swear I won't be able to type tomorrow. Best way to end it was receiving a phone call from Kerryn on the way home! YAY!! Was so good to speak to her again :)

So basically, on the weekend I had a SO MUCH FUN! There's nothing better than some awesome girlfriends to help you realise that the world is far from over. :) I love them to death.

Some new goals this year:

Learn to surf!!!!!!! - lucky my brother is a surf-nerd. We have zero waves here but if I can at least kneel on it to begin, that's a start right!

Go to the beach more often!!! - and swim (I have always hated not being able to see the bottom with all the creatures up here), and oh my lordy - swim without board shorts!

HAVE FUN!!!!!! - Life is waaaay to short to worry about SCUM BAGS! (I think I posted something like this about a month ago) ;)

So next for me - I need the carrots dangling in front of me - would you believe it's only TWO WEEKS on Sunday that I'm off to BALI!!!!!!!! My golly gosh that's come fast! I'm going with the same 2 girls and another of their friends, it will be freaking awesome!! As we're going for our birthdays, but we all aren't there on the exact date of, we get to pick a 'day' as ours. My friend has chosen White-Water Rafting, guess what I'm doing - SURFING!!!!!!!! Can't go to Bali and not (attempt to) surf, my brother would KILL ME!!!

So although I'm still hurting bad, I'm focusing on the good stuff in my life - my health, my family and my friends who mean the world to me - and of course to all my blog buddies, thank you AGAIN for all your support and kind words. It all does help :) I will get round to everyone's blog to say thanks - when I'm in town long enough to sit down ;)

EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! My life is exciting right now!!!



Kristy said...

Your Gold Coast weekend sounded like a lot of fun and I love your new goals. You have some great things to focus on Selina and Bali in 2 weeks. Woohoo you will have a ball!

I can't wait to hear all about your surfing and white water rafting

Mandy said...

Hey Selina,

Was so great to read that post ... it is so nice to hear that smile back in your words again.



Kek said...

It was great to talk to you too - like I said, you sounded really positive. Keep it up!

Hugs and smooches!!

Cheryl said...

Well done sweetheart. Life is looking up. I still think you have a long way to go but thats fine. Time is a wonderful healer.

linda said...

Yah selina!!!so good to hear the cheer in your voice again! The weekend sounded awesome and I can only imagine the fun and mischief you will all get up to on Bali!

Hilary said...

Awesome to hear that you had such a fabulous weekend!!! Loving your new goals, sounds like its going to be a fantastic year for you after all... lots of new experiences and fun times ahead!

Hilary xx

Doris's BEHAG journey said...

Selina, you sound positively different. Good for you and you do what YOU want to do! Why not sell business and start again on Goldie???