Friday, January 16, 2009

Tell Me Your Story

I'm not a drama queen, I've just never been through something as heart-breaking as this. I cannot stand this pain. I know everyone has been through break-ups before, but when it's you, it feels like no one can understand your pain. Or that your story was different.

So tell me a funny story. How did you get over it?

I'm thinking of taking up darts. With strategically placed photographs.


Cheryl said...

I feel for you so bad. Im not going to rewrite my story here but you can check it out on my blog.
The only advice I can give you is that profesional help is good,( I had some.) and time will heal. I know its not what you want to hear as you want the pain gone now and it be back to normal now.
Cheryl :)

Lozza said...

Oh Selina, I am so sorry that you are going through this. I wish I could give you a big hug.

I think that professional help is a really good idea and like Cheryl said time will heal.


Lyndsay said...

Hello girly,

You know my story and I got over it by slowly realising I am a thousand times too good for him.

One point a solicitor made to me that really stood out was "You know what? He'll never get it. He'll NEVER get it, so let go of needing him to understand how much he has hurt you"

That one clicked for me anyway.

Lots of love to you...

Kelly & Kane said...

Here's my story,

My ex-BF cheated on me too. It took months to get over. We played AFL/netball at the same club.

Fast-forawrd to 9 months after break up...

On Grandfinal day all teams got in, the Netball teams all won, and all the footy teams lost.

That night at the club celebration, we were filling up the trophy cup with UDL's. After a few I went up and said, 'Do you wnat to taste a premiership?', it was GOLD, and god he was made to look so little infront of his mates!!!! -Felt great and I'll remember that moment forever.

linda said...

I haven't got any advice, funny story or anything that could possibly be helpful to you but I didn't want to pass through your blog without sending you good thoughts and hugs. xx

neca said...

Got here via Kek's BFL blog. Not ha ha funny, but it's the best I got: Came home from work, pulled into garage, and thought we'd been robbed. Husband had come home while I was at work, packed up what he wanted, and taken off.

He left a note saying he was gone & he'd be in touch to see about selling the house (we'd just closed on 4 weeks prior!).

Imagine his shock when I said I wasn't selling and I wasn't moving. He was already out - I had the locks changed. Since we'd just bought he basically was stuck walking away with ... nothing.

Cherub said...

Selina, I am so sorry you are going through this. I've not been online for ages, I wasn't ignoring you - although I don't know what else to say, apart from you are strong and beautiful, you are kind and you will get over this. If you are ever my way, I would love to catch up with you.

Rebecca said...

I think you mostly know my story, I managed to break up with my ex 3 times. 2 for him, and the last one from me. Things do get better hon. I promise. That bloody thing called 'time' does really heal the heart.

Lots of hugs. xox

Jehanne said...

Oh sweet!!!!!!!! xoxoxox
You have been through such a terrible time - yet you still tackle the world full on and smile. I know you will get through this and you are already frigg'n HOT!!!!!!

Ann said...

I am currently going through the same thing. Over the past year or so I quit smoking and lost close to 75 pounds. This is my first true lvoe since all of that happened and I swore that this one was it! HA-HA! He is dirt, trash! I am trying so hard to not be nasty and spiteful but it is difficult! So, anytime you need to on me and we can vent together! We will get through this - we are both accomplished/strong/beautiful women and it is soooooooooo THEIR loss!!!!

RaeC said...

Just leaving a comment to let you know I'm thinking of you xxx