Friday, January 23, 2009


Today is Friday nite. The first Friday nite that he and I are both in the same town but not together. Friday nites were always spent together, just bumming at 'our' house...

I reached a turning point today - I think I've reached the next stage, the hatred stage! WHOOO BLOODY HOOO!! About time. The quote I posted last night that my friend sent me really hit the nail on the head. Along with my other favourite:

"Rejection is a form of protection"

So I am blessed. Instead of thinking this is the worst thing in the world to happen to me, I am seeing it the other way - it's the best thing in the world that's happened to me. I know there is someone out there that's PERFECT for me, and no one will EVER treat me like shit again :)

So peeps, unless there's any juicy installments that I just have to get off my chest so to speak, there will be not too much more waffling about my sad, sorry life.
I'm SO excited though - I'm flying off the the Gold Coast again tomorrow for the long weekend. My sis and her hubby and HIM and I were going up to Airlie this long weekend for a reef trip, there was no way I was staying at home and wallowing... Got heaps planned, it's going to be great!! On Sunday we've got freebie tix to the Beach Cricket finals, and Monday is BBQ and JJJ countdown in the pool!! WHOO HOOO!! I've got my whole outfit organised, complete with green and gold wig. I'll be sure to get happy snaps!!

I also made the big step of hiring another staff member today. She was SO excited to be given a chance! There is nothing better than seeing someone so passionate about their job - it shows in their work and clients can see it as well. So all's going well there, the changes I planned to implement this year have happened a little bit sooner than expected due to my unfortunate, unforseen circumstance, but that's a good thing.
Here's a pic of two of the dearest people in my life :) Me with my lil sis and bro. He went through a devastating break-up in October (luckily for him there was no cheating), and every bit of advice I gave to him as a big sister, he threw right back at me. SO much easier said than done. My now ex was also his go-to man and helped him get over it... jerk. When he found out what had happened between HIM and I, my bro said (and this is his words) "Bull F*cking Shit" LoL!! Gotta laugh at that now, but that's the shock that everyone experienced!

This pic was taken on 27th December when we all went out as our cousin was back in town. The little skank was also back in town and as Rob and I were friends with her (I obviously had NO freaking idea just what kind of friends they were) she came out with us as well. The trashbag hung out with us all night, had the nerve to sit there and talk to me like we were best friends, her and HIM had a silly dance which I laughed at in fun, and she even told me that me and him were more than welcome to stay with her when we went to Brisbane. The F*CKING NERVE of her! What did she expect?

Ok, so there goes not talking about it anymore.... Can you tell I'm a loooong way from being over it. Can you tell I'm BITTER?!

Best friends always know the right thing to say - she said "At least you looked hot that night!" :) HA!! Gotta love her :)

As expected I'm in a world of muscular pain today. I can hardly lift my arms. My legs will be screaming tomorrow. Never let me go through a break-up again, it ruins my training :P


Amy said...

You look so hot in this photo Selina!!! Enjoy your weekend with your sister. I have been thinking of you heaps.

linda said...

Atta girl selina- I can hear the fire in your belly! Have a great time at the gold coast. Look forward to hearing all your tales when you return! hugs

little rene said...

Hope the muscular pain is masking the emotinal pain a bit for you :)

Glad to hear that you have changed gears and gotten angry! You are on your way to be over it Selina xxx

Thinking of you :)

Kek said...

Just cruising past to give you another hug. You can never have too many.


Cheryl said...

Hi Miss S,
Check out July 08.
Huge hugs